If you are trying to rise to the top of the real estate game, learning how to stage a home to sell is essential. It is more than just choosing the right props and their placement.

You need to have an eye for design and a niche understanding of human psychology. These seven easy steps will make your home staging process easy.

1. Learn How To Stage a Home To Sell in Person

Learn How To Stage a Home To Sell in Person

Find a more experienced real estate agent than yourself. If you are part of a group of realtors, an experienced individual should be easy to access. If not, try reaching out to your friends or acquaintances.

You should not be trying to copy their home-staging style overall, but try incorporating a few of the ideas that seem to work well for them.

Having a more experienced realtor take you under their wing is a priceless learning experience. If you can’t find a mentor, or even if you do, move on to step two.

2. Feel the Property’s Vibe

Are you selling an old historic colonial or a sleek modern-style home? What are the existing color schemes already in place? What type of feel do the kitchen counters give?

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself before prepping your staging plan. The existing characteristics of the property will have a huge influence on how you stage the home.

3. Target Your Audience

What type of person will be buying your home? Is it in an affluent suburban neighborhood favored by a professional working class? How old do you expect prospective buyers to be?

These are some critical questions to ask yourself. Targeting your audience will help you sell a home quickly.

4. Get the Right Props

Get the Right Props

Once you have targeted your audience and felt the property’s vibe it is time to get some appropriate props. If you are going for a beach vibe at a coastal home something like a surfboard can be subtly incorporated.

If you are going for a more family-oriented vibe try getting some antiquated furniture and nice homey drapes. Choosing the right props will help your home appeal to clients and is important in selling a home fast.

5. Be Universal and Flexible

In an ideal world, you will have some forewarning before a showing. Make your props and design universal enough to target multiple different types of people.

You can keep heavy items like tables and dressers in place and switch out minor specific props. That way you can change it up for each specific showing without much effort.

6. Clean After Each Showing

Your staged home will need to remain spotless for each show. This is even more true during the pandemic with increased restrictions. Clean your staged home after each showing for health and aesthetic reasons.

7. Reuse Props

After you have made the final sale, unless the new owners want to pay extra for a fully furnished place, make sure to grab your props. That way you can re-use them for new listings.

If you learn how you can sell your home fast, chances are you will need a whole cache of props you can mix and match for new properties.

Staging Is Important

Learning how to stage a home to sell is a skill that takes a whole career to perfection. As you continue to grow as an agent, your home staging skills will improve as well.

Try staging a home for sale today, and for all your other news and information, make sure to check out the rest of our page.

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