The world of cigars has been gradually increasing in size and appeal fundamentally throughout the 21st century. This continued interest has led to more men and women partaking in this classic pastime.

Growing up, we all knew a couple of cigar-smoking grandpas, but now it has become an accessory, combining style and sophistication.

Enjoying cigars is a wonderful pastime. However, if you have never enjoyed this pastime before, there are a few things you need to know before you light that first cigar up.

Read on and learn how to smoke a cigar.

Choose a Cigar

Bring Enough Cigars for Everyone

You’ll need to choose a cigar. This can be tricky, as there are so many types and brands to choose from. But, a good place to start is by asking your tobacconist for a recommendation. Once you’ve chosen your cigar, it’s time to prepare it for smoking.

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Pick the Right Size

It is important to pick the right size cigar for the occasion. The larger the cigar, the longer it will take to smoke. The smaller the cigar, the quicker it will be to smoke.

If you are smoking a cigar for a special occasion, then you will want to choose a larger size. If you are just smoking for fun, then you can choose a smaller size. There are many different sizes of cigars to choose from, so take your time and pick the right one for you.

Pick one that is the right size and shape for your taste. The three main sizes are Petit corona, Corona, and Churchill. The cigar should also be firm, but easy, and have a smooth wrapper.

Cut the Cigar

Cut the Cigar

You’ll need a good cigar cutter. A sharp knife will do in a pinch, but a cutter will give you a clean, even cut. Place the cutter above the “shoulder” of the cigar, where the wrapper meets the filler. Slice off the cap in a smooth, deliberate motion.

Light the Cigar

Holding a cigar, you’ll need a butane lighter or a long match. Keep the cigar in your non-dominant hand and place the tip of the cigar above the flame. Rotate the cigar until the tip is heated.

Then, place the cigar in your mouth and take a few draws without lighting it. This primes the cigar and gets it started drawing in the smoke. Apply the flame to the cigar while continuing to draw.

You should see the tobacco leaf on the end of the cigar glow red. Once it’s lit, take a few draws on the cigar.

How to Smoke a Cigar

DisposableE Cigarettes

Smoke the cigar like you would a cigarette, but take shallower puffs and rotate the cigar so that the ashes. Rest the cigar in an ashtray every few puffs. If the cigar becomes too hot, let it rest for a minute before taking another puff.

The goal is to keep the cigar smoking without overheating it. When you’re ready to finish, allow the cigar to burn out on its own. Avoid inhaling cigar smoke. Let it sit in your mouth and enjoy the flavor.

Understanding How to Smoke a Cigar

How to smoke a cigar is a pretty simple process. We learn the basics of how to smoke a cigar, choose a cigar, pick the right size, cut, lighting, and how to smoke. Smoking a cigar is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself.

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