You can’t hurry love,’ the song says, but you can increase your chances of finding love by sharpening up your online dating profile.

Get that bit right, and you’re halfway to finding someone to watch over you.

We’re going to show you how to put your best foot forward and find the person you’ve been looking for.

Put those fears aside. Follow our top tips when you create your online dating profile and you’ll be well on the way to finding your other half.

Get Real and Be Honest

The most important thing people look for in another person is honesty.

Honest is the word that those looking for love mention the most when describing their perfect match.

It’s natural to want to present yourself in the best possible light. It’s a mistake though to embellish the truth.

It’s also wise to choose the app or site that’s going to suit you when online dating, especially if you are very specific about the sort of person you’d like to meet.

Be who you are and stick to that. You won’t find love if you try and turn yourself into the person you think your love interest would prefer.

Choose Your Photos Carefully

If you don’t have the right photos that show the real you, then no amount of writing is going to help.

As you sift through your photo gallery, pick those that flatter you. Mix them up a bit too so that you show off your interests and most attractive characteristics.

Remember, people want to get an impression of who you are. Try not to use photos that hide your face or that are blurry. If you do, people will simply move on and leave you behind.

It can literally all be in a smile, so don’t forget to show off a bit. A happy face is far more effective than a sexy pout.

Make sure your photos are no more than a year old. Meeting someone and thinking, “They may have looked like their photo once, but they definitely don’t look like that now,” is never going to get a great result.

Adding a full body photo will definitely help and don’t leave anything blank. If you’re allowed to add up to ten photos on to your profile, then use all of them.

Give Your Online Dating Profile Structure

Make sure your paragraphs are set out neatly and get straight to the point.

If the sentences look too bulky then the reader will move right on past them.

Each paragraph should hone in on a new part of your life. This means you’ll be breaking up your interests and career into manageable parts and that will make it all easier to read.

Don’t be afraid to use a bit of humor to draw the reader in. Your profile should read like a well-written story whilst at the same time providing valuable information about you.

Check for spelling or stylistic mistakes. A phrase that makes you sound desperate or a grammatical error could quite innocently put people off.

And always proofread again and again. Your friends can really help here because they know you and will want you to do your best. Ask them to give you their opinion on the finished product.

Keep the Interest Going

Try to be engaging by promoting the adventures you’d like to have in the future. Perhaps you’d like to travel to a specific country or take up an unusual interest.

There’s nothing like creating a bit of curiosity to get the conversation going.

Setting out some of the things you’re planning to do can really help you connect more quickly.

It demonstrates that being with you won’t be boring.

People want to know they’ll be signing up to a future that’ll be fun.

Disclose all the activities you enjoy and describe the things that really excite you. People are then going to be more attracted to your profile, and are more likely to see things they have in common with you.

Be Positive

Take out any traces of negativity in your profile, and this includes anything you don’t like about dating itself.

Saying, “I don’t enjoy dating but I’d like to meet someone,” might come up in a conversation you have with a friend but it doesn’t sit well in a profile. It can come across as negative and put people off.

It’s a mistake to write things like, “I’m not into people who don’t have any will to succeed or who display a lack of confidence.”

Turn that thought around. Try a different line something different like, “I find people who are full of motivation and who aren’t afraid of success really attractive.”

Don’t focus on what you don’t like because if you sound down then the sort of attention you’re likely to attract will be negative as well.

Your profile should radiate positivity and hope. It should describe someone who’s looking forward to the journey of life ahead.

You wouldn’t submit a job application with anything negative written into it. Keeping your online dating profile positive is simply good practice when looking for your mate.

Take on a New Perspective

If a dating profile asks what you’re looking for, be specific about what you are looking for, ie “Women seeking Men” or Men seeking Men,Β  but don’t give away too much detail.

It’s a good idea to talk generally about the sort of relationship you’re looking for, and if you have any must-haves, for example, ‘Must like cats.’

But there’s no point in getting too specific by rejecting people on the basis of their height and hair color, for example.

If you follow that tack then you could come across as unapproachable, even if the person ticks many of your boxes.

It’s also amazing how often people will fall for someone who didn’t satisfy all their original requirements. You can just never tell.

Enjoy Your Date

Your online dating profile is all about putting your true self out there.

You can never be totally sure what’s going to attract a person’s interest and get you that all-important encounter.

When you meet someone in person, it could be a trivial thing that catches your eye. Online dating is the same.

The best advice is to be yourself and allow yourself to enjoy whatever comes your way. Get in touch with us to discover more ways to get the most from your life.

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