Direct mail flyers get opened 4 times more often than email campaigns do, making them one of the most effective ways to build your brand.

With a great strategy and message, you’ll be surprised by how successful your direct mail campaign can be.

Keep reading to learn how to send out direct mailer flyers to your customers

Create a Mailing List

You may have to pay for the list or generate one using your current customers, but the first step is creating a mailing list with all your potential customers.

When creating your list you only need their first and last name along with their address. You’ll also want to be sure the people on the list you’re putting together all have something in common. This is so you can have an engaging offer that’s going to appeal to everyone on the list.

Create an Engaging Piece

It’s not enough to just send out a piece in the mail that tells the customer who you are and what you do. You want to entice them to do something, so you should include an offer or coupon that encourages them to keep the flyer.

Have the coupon say something like “Bring this flyer in to get 10% off your purchase.” This encourages them to keep your flyer as well as think of your brand every time they see it.

Use High-Quality Paper for Your Mailer Flyers

When you send out mailer flyers you want to use high-quality paper that’s going to stand out compared to the rest of the recipient’s mail. Try something like cougar paper, which is known for its rich, velvety feel that’s going to feel different in the person’s hand compared to the rest of the mail.

Test the Campaign

If you have a large list, something like over 20,000 people you’re going to want to test the direct mailer to a couple thousand before you commit to printing and sending out the flyer to the entire list.

You want to do this because you want to see if the campaign actually works. If you do the test campaign and realize not one person is reacting to the campaign, then you know you need to change your messaging before sending out to the rest of the list.

Respond to the Customer Quickly

When the campaign goes live it’s important to be answering people who inquire about it in the fastest way possible. Whether it’s a phone call or form submission you want to be sure to respond within 24 hours and be polite to them.

Analyze Results

Once the mailer flyers go out it’s time to analyze how it went. Keep track of how many people called off the flyer and came into your store. Understanding how this campaign went will help you run more successful campaigns in the future.

Start Sending Campaigns Today

Now that you know the best practices for sending out direct mailer flyers, get your list together and send it out today!

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