Did you know there are around 7.1 million online retailers around the world?

Many people have taken to craft-driven websites like Etsy to sell stickers online their products, and the trend doesn’t seem to be fading redbubble stickers any time soon.

If you’ve ever had an amazing sticker or craft design, you might be wondering how you can start your own online business. Luckily, it’s easier than you might expect!

Keep reading our guide below to learn how to sell stickers online today!

Determine Manufacturing Method

Once you have a sticker design, you’ll have to find a company that will produce your Redbubble stickers. There are plenty of websites that will print stickers in bulk at wholesale prices. One example isΒ Stickerit.co, which offers bulk stickers in various materials and layouts such as die-cut, clear andΒ holographic stickersΒ to name a few.

You can also print your Redbubble stickers at home if you have the correct materials. Typically you’ll need vinyl sticker paper that’s compatible with your printer in order to create crisp, high-quality stickers at home.

The manufacturing method can change a lot about how you sell your stickers online. For example, printing your own Redbubble stickers at home may prove cheaper in the long run, so you won’t have to charge as much on your online store.

Sell Stickers Online with Your Own Website

If you want to sell stickers in an independent shop, you’ll need your own website.

It’s not difficult to set up your own website, and utilizing a web design agency can help you build the most effective website.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate. It shouldn’t be overloaded with information. The goal is to show off your red bubble stickers and make it easy to purchase them and checkout.

Sell Stickers Through a Third Party

If you don’t want to run your own website, there are some websites that will produce and ship your stickers for you.

Redbubble is a good example of this type of website. On red bubble stickers, you just have to upload your product designs, and Redbubble will take care of applying it to stickers.

While you can somewhat control your prices, red bubble stickers sets a base price in order to account for production and shipping costs. Most third-party merchant sites operate in a similar fashion.

This is a good choice if you want to be more hands-off when it comes to the logistical part of selling stickers online.

Market Your Stickers

If you want to sell stickers online, you’ll have to be somewhat savvy when it comes to digital marketing. However, it’s easy to pick up some tips and tricks to get your sticker business off the ground.

In order to create a digital presence for your sticker shop, you need to utilize social media. Instagram is the perfect platform on which to show off your new products, especially since you can use their product tag feature.

If you’ve built your own website, you can also create relevant blog material to drive traffic to your site. After reading your blog posts, visitors can then browse your red bubble stickers products.

Get Started

If you’re new to online shopping and sell stickers online, creating your own business can be intimidating. However, the guide above will help you as you begin to sell stickers online!

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