Looking for a guide on how to self tan? Not sure which tanning products you should use?

As summer approaches, you will see a massive crowd of people on seashores, beaches, or other tourist spots. Summer is all about spending quality time with your friends and family in such areas and enjoying the vibe of the beach.

Amongst many different things and essentials you need and desire to spend a good summer on the beach, most women also need a perfectly tanned body that shines and glows naturally under the sun.

Although you will achieve that tan naturally after spending a day or two on the beach, we are here to rescue you if you want a self-tan.

This article will discuss how to self tan easily to make your skin shine under the sun. In addition, this article will also discuss ways to get a tan fast, the best self tanners for pale skin, how long does it take to tan, and how to get tan fast.

If a summer trip is knocking at your door, hook up to this article and read ahead about how to self tan yourself.

How To Self Tan For Summer: A Quick Guide

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These few simple steps will achieve your perfect summer self-tan. However, never sit in the sun after reading some guide on how to self tan yourself. Instead, many other safe methods will give you a natural-looking summer tan and protect your skin.

Steps To Self Tanning

The following are the steps on how to self tan for summer.

Exfoliate Your Skin

The first or initial step to getting a long-lasting self-tan is to exfoliate your skin. Through exfoliation, you will remove all the dead skin cells from your skin. To exfoliate your skin, you can use a gentle or mild scrub. You can use this scrub all over your body, including your ankles, elbows, and knees, which have a thick dead skin layer.


The next step is to dry your skin. To dry your skin, you should allow it to self-dry rather than using any other artificial method. Dried skin will help the self-tanner spread evenly.

Applying The Self-Tanner

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The next step is to apply the self-tanner. Make sure you use the self-tanner in the section to allow even application all over your skin. Make the application in circular motions with the help of your fingers and palm to apply the tanner.

Blending At The Wrists And Ankles

To allow even application, you must blend the tanner well on your wrists and ankles. In addition, ensure that you wash your hands every time to cover a portion so that your hands don’t look orange at the end of the process.

Joints And Elbows

Areas like joints, elbows, wrists, and ankles absorb more. Hence, apply a thin layer of self-tanner and blend it well. After application, use a damp towel to pick up the access tanner so that it doesn’t clump over ankles, joints, elbows, and wrists. If so, one part of the body will look tanner than the other.


Wait for at least three hours for your skin to dry. In addition to this, make sure that you stay in a calm and airy area and avoid sweating. You can wear loose and light clothes.


applying sunscreen

The last and final step is to apply sunscreen to your body. Always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. Make sure the sunscreen is water-resistant and doesn’t come off when you sweat.

How To Self Tan: Best Self Tanners For Pale Skin

There are different types of self-tanners for different skin types. However, if you are someone with pale skin color, then we have a list of the best self tanners for pale skin which you can use.

  1.  Australian Glow Facial Bronzing Mist.
  2. Tan-Luxe.
  3. Jergens Natural Glow revitalizing lotion.
  4. St. Moriz instant self-tanning mousse.
  5. Isle of Paradise Pro Glow.
  6. St. Tropez self-tan purity bronzing water mousse.
  7. Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-pollution bronzing drops.

How To Get Tan Fast?

self tan

There are many methods to get a self-tan. We have also mentioned a guide above through which you can get a self-tan quickly at home. However, if you want an urgent summer tan on your pale skin, we will surely get you the best solution for getting a tan fast.

How Long Does It Take To Tan?

With self-tanners, you will have to wait at least 3 hours to get yourself tanned. However, if you opt for a normal and natural tanning method like sun tanning, you will have to wait for at least 1 to 2 hours to get yourself tanned.

Now that you know “how long does it take to tan?”, let’s go over the steps to tanning fast.

Steps To Tanning Fast

Here are the steps on how to get tan fast.

Change Positions

If you want a natural tan through sun exposure, you can get it done quickly. However, make sure to change positions to prevent skin burns.

Beta-Carotene Foods

To get tanned fast, you should eat foods that contain beta-carotene as it helps with tanning. These foods include carrots, sweet potatoes, and kale. However, people with photosensitivity should avoid using these foods.

Eat Lycopene Rich Foods

Lycopene-rich foods help to protect your skin, but at the same time, these food items aid in the protection of your skin from ultraviolet rays.

Prepping Before Tan

You should prepare your skin before doing a self-tan or getting a sun tan. To do so, ensure that you exfoliate your skin well, wash your body and also wax your body.

Getting a self-tan is much easier with the products available nowadays. However, it takes around 3 to 4 hours to get the best tan with products. Plus, you can get a self-tan through natural tanning through sunlight.

You have to be aware of the risks of natural tanning too. Hence, applying sunscreen can prevent you from getting skin burns from natural tanning. People with photosensitivity should ideally avoid using the natural tanning method, which is sunlight, to get a sun tan.

We hope that our guide on how to self tan can provide you with clear-cut steps to take to get a great tan this summer.

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