When it comes to selecting your own growing cannabis seeds, there are a huge number of different factors that you need to consider. After all, there are thousands of different strains of growing cannabis seeds on the market nowadays.

Each of these different strains will have unique properties and requirements, and so choosing the one that will meet your needs (while also being easy enough for you to grow with your setup and experience level) is imperative if you are to be successful with your growing cannabis attempts.

So, when choosing your seeds to germinate, what should you think about?

Choosing Your Seeds for Growing Cannabis


Choosing your seeds for cannabis germinating doesn’t need to be difficult, however, it can be a little overwhelming when you are just getting started in the world of growing cannabis seeds.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of our top factors to consider, so that you can choose the right strain of cannabis seeds for your growing needs. If you rather just want a list of good seed banks, check this Vela community list.

THC and CBD Content

One thing that you will want to consider is the expected THC and CBD content of the seeds that you are germinating. Different strains of cannabis will have different levels of these cannabidiol compounds; hemp, for example, is free from, or is otherwise virtually free from THC; this makes hemp a great strain of cannabis for people looking to grow their own medicinal cannabis to help ease their pain or stress.

“However, for people looking to grow cannabis seeds for recreational purposes, other strains of cannabis seeds will be better suited than low THC content strains such as hemp—cannabis strains can have THC contents as high as 20% or even greater,” says Nathan Jackson of Vela.


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Different strains of cannabis seeds will have differing heights, and this is an important consideration for people to consider when choosing their cannabis seeds.

Strains that are too tall can be problematic for many people; for people looking to grow their cannabis discreetly outdoors, a shorter strain might be better suited, while people growing cannabis their plants indoors will also need to consider how tall their growing space is so that the mature plants won’t be brushing against the ceiling or—even worse—the lighting systems. 

Maturing Age

Different strains of cannabis seeds will mature and begin to flower at different ages, and this will impact the growing time for the crop.

Crops that mature earlier are often preferred due to the fact that they will take less time and money to grow to maturity and harvest, which makes them more profitable or affordable overall.

However, it is important to consider that crops grown outdoors may mature a little too early on in the year if planted at the wrong time, so outdoor growers should always strive to ensure that they are planning their planting times to coincide with the crop’s flowering age.


As is the case for all types of crops, cannabis yields will vary between different strains. Indeed, the yield that can be achieved from cannabis crops is influenced primarily by two different factors; the environment in which the seeds are grown and the genetics of the crop.

The first factor is the environment, and this is largely dependent upon the weather and the temperature.

Indoor grown plants that are reared in carefully controlled conditions will always yield more than their outdoor cousins, however, there is still a limit on the amount of yield that you can achieve from a crop—even with the ideal environment.

This is dependant on the genetics of the strain in question. And, considering that some strains of seeds can offer far, far higher yields than others, this is definitely an important consideration for all types of cannabis growers; some people will want to limit the amount of yield that they achieve for storage purposes, while others will be striving for as much as possible.


CBD Information

If you are looking to grow your cannabis seeds outside then hardiness is one factor that you will definitely want to consider.

A lot of cannabis seed strains are not ideally suited to outdoor growing and may struggle to thrive in adverse weather conditions; to combat this, choose a type of cannabis strain that is harder for the best results.

The hardiest strains are generally based on the Russian native cannabis plant, or are a cross between this native plant and modern strains; the Sativa, which is a low-THC strain of cannabis, is renowned for being great for outdoor growing conditions.

Shop Around!

There are a huge number of cannabis seed banks around nowadays, and taking the time to shop around can be thusly rewarding for a buyer of cannabis seeds.

After all, seeds are expensive to buy—however, excellent savings can be made by shopping around and buying from the right seed bank. Always consider the reliability and trustworthiness of the seed bank that you choose to buy your seeds from, too.

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