Fixing a broken relationship can be the hardest thing you will ever do. It is testing, trying, and can often be a fruitless task. But relationships that have been worked on and saved can come back better and stronger.

The big question is how do you actually save a relationship? When is the best time to just let it go? We provide some advice on how to save your relationship below.

Reconnect With the Reasons You Are Together

You and your partner bonded for a reason. Physical attraction, mutual interests, or a common bond brought you together. Often, once the initial honeymoon period is over, those reasons can blur and fade into the routine of life.

Once you realize why you met, recreate it. If you share a common interest then take part in it. If it was a common bond that brought you together, explore it further as an interest or hobby. Essentially, make time for the things you love.

Reflect Upon Yourself

If a relationship is breaking down, it is often the case that one person is missing or searching for something. Very often, it could be something that a partner is incapable of providing. It could stem from a situation one person is in or something from their past holding them back.

You and your partner must look at yourself as individuals. Looks at your values and moral code, and check that you are on the right path. Once you have assessed yourself, open a safe space with honest dialogue where you can share your thoughts together.

It may be that you need some assistance in doing this, such as a counselor. Find someone in your area to help. If you both have busy schedules it may help to use the services of a relationship counselor online.

Lay Down Some Rules

As well as seeking out the positives and mending bonds, you also need to figure out how you got into this situation. Laying down rules that you both agree on can help you going forward and also help understand what is expected from the relationship.

Arguing is natural, so think about how to do it positively and decide how you will disagree without lashing out in anger. If one partner is more closed, set up a plan for actively listening when you both have doubts and worries. Learn to compromise and talk about how you will manage this.

When Do We Let the Relationship Go?

If you have tried everything above and it is still not working, then it helps to prepare. Keep a simple diary, stating how you feel every day. After a week or two, look back to see if the sad days outweigh the good ones.

Set a deadline and be honest with your partner about your intent. In the time running up to the deadline, try everything you can to fix the relationship, including looking at your own part in it. On deadline day, check your diary and your answer should be inside.

What Do I Do After the End?

Every end is a new beginning and though a few months of sadness will set in, eventually you will come out of it feeling refreshed, happy, and ready for new adventures.

If after this time you feel like you made the wrong decision, then look back on the relationship with fresh eyes and speak to your ex. You could arrange a meeting and hire the service of a relationship counselor online to get you both back on track.

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