Healthcare in America has created quite a buzz in recent years. Part of the fuss is due to the exorbitant costs of prescription medications.

According to a 2016 report published by Bloomberg News, prescription drug spending in the United States had hit a record high of $425 billion dollars the preceding year. This amount reflects a 12 percent increase from the year prior. The article also reports that spending will reach over $610 by the year 2020.

No wonder so many people have become frustrated with the high costs of medication. If patients are unable to afford the drugs that physicians prescribe, they risk prolonged or aggravated illness, pain and a further decline in health.

Unfortunately, there is little help for patients that can’t pay for meds.

Are you among the millions of U.S. citizens struggling to pay for your much-needed medications?

Read on to find out how to save money on prescriptions!

Your Guide to Save Money on Prescriptions

Over the last decade, it has not been unusual for Americans to have to choose between the medicine to treat their illness or having to go without food.

While it may sound extreme, for many Americans, the high prices of prescriptions have rendered them unable to afford life’s bare necessities. In 2014, reported findings from a National Health Interview Survey which found 1 in 3 of the survey’s chronically ill participants were unable to afford food, medications, or both.

If you have been struggling to afford your prescriptions, these tips can help.

1. Opt for Generic

Opting for generic should be your first line of defense against sky-high prescription prices.

Many times, medications are available in a much cheaper generic form. This allows you to receive the same medicine, but at a lower cost that you can afford.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if there are generic drugs that you could take in place of your regular medication. Sometimes, the generic brand can save you hundreds of dollars.

2. Order Your Prescriptions Online

Today, many consumers prefer shopping online. You can often get good deals delivered to your home, and do it while you sip coffee in your pajamas should you so desire.

Ordering prescriptions online can save you a ton of money, especially when you perform an internet drug search. And, this company makes it super easy to choose from a wide range of pharmacies on the web to get the best price possible for the prescription drug you need.

Plus, you can also peruse the search sites to nab valuable money-saving Rx coupons.

Not to mention, you will already be saving time and gas by having your scripts delivered to your door.

3. Seek Alternative Medications to Treat Your Condition

The vast majority of health-related conditions requiring a prescription have a variety of medical treatments available approved to treat the same thing.

If one of your prescriptions is too expensive, ask your doc if there is an alternative medication you can try that is also used to treat your condition.

For example, many of the newest antidepressants don’t have a generic available yet and are still priced through the roof. But, there are several that have proven to be effective you can buy at a bargain price.

4. Get 90 Day Prescriptions When Possible

Today, many pharmacies, including brick and mortar as well as online, will honor you or your physician’s request to fill a 90-day supply of your prescription. More often than not, this is a much cheaper solution. And, you don’t have to worry about running out as quick, either.

5. Check Out Rx Savings Programs

Ask your pharmacist or take a look online to find drug-savings programs that you can enroll in to cut down on your prescription costs. Many times, you can print the membership card at home and use it right away to get extra savings.

Don’t let savings cards claiming to save you cash that isn’t applicable to any of the medications you take fool you. Make sure that you research each program’s benefits and find out which one will save you the largest percentage on the meds that you get filled the most.

If you tend to stick to one pharmacy for all your prescription needs, the pharmacist can tell you which card’s savings plan will offer you the best deals.

You can also check with the drug maker to find out if they might allow you to apply for extra savings on their website or by mail. Some of the pricier prescription manufacturers offer savings to patients who show a financial need.

6. Take Advantage of Free Samples From Your Doctor or Pharmacist

Doctors often have samples provided by their pharmaceutical rep in their office somewhere. But, they may not offer them to you at the time of your appointment.

Most doctors keep a tight schedule and write each of their patients an average of 12 prescriptions per year, according to CNN News. It’s no wonder that they might forget about their stashed freebies when your appointment rolls around.

However, if they do happen to have any samples for grabs, most of the time all you have to do is ask. Physicians are usually happy to share any available savings with their patients. But, you may never know what they have on hand if you don’t speak up at the time your doc is issuing your scripts.

Get More Tips to Stay Healthy!

One of the best ways to save money on prescriptions is to practice healthy habits so you won’t need as many medications in the first place.

Maintaining a balanced regimen of diet and exercise, self-awareness, and preventative care can often minimize the number of necessary trips to your physician’s office.

Want to find out how you can get a jump start on your health?

Check out this post to find out surprising wellness tips for women!

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