Before buying a vending machine several factors need to be considered for buying one that suits your product and business. Vending machines can be batching devices that dispense loose or liquid products or it can be automatic devices that dispense packaged goods. They are also categorized based on the method of use. A free-standing vending machine is usually used separately.  Wall vending machines are used within a group unit while Kiosk machines are used outdoors. There are also multiproduct vending machines having display windows and facilities to dispense multiple products. 

Buying a used vending machine can be a good and cost-effective choice. However, make sure that you buy it only from reliable organizations like Revelation Machinery. 

Factors that affect the choice of vending machine 

Consider these factors while buying a vending machine to procure cost-effective and reliable machines. 

Type and purpose 

  • A vending machine can be a new one or a used one depending on your purpose. Besides, there are several types of machines for dispensing different products. Machines are available for dispensing soda, coffee, or snack and there are also few vending that can dispose of both hot and cold items.
  • Electronic vending machines can accept a variety of currency including change, bills, credit cards, debit cards, and even employee ID cards. Mechanical vending machines do not accept all types of currency and usually, older ones do not accept change.  Mechanical machines have a turning mechanism to dispense the product rather than automatically by electricity.

Single or multiple machines 

When you buy just one or two machines cost would not be a major concern. But if you are planning on investing in several vending machines, a financially viable alternative would be to include a few used machines also in the batch.  

Repair and maintenance 

Buying a used vending machine may seem to be a cost-effective solution in the short run considering the huge costs you might incur while buying a batch of brand-new machines. However, considering the maintenance that might be required while running a used machine for a longer duration this might be a costly decision also. Consider the expense you might incur if several machines break down and the parts turn out to be expensive to replace or become unavailable in the market. Before you buy a vending machine, regardless of whether it is a used or new one, ensure that you do the required groundwork on the availability of replacement parts. In case of any breakdown, the replacement parts should be readily available in the physical stores or online stores. 

Buy from trusted sources 

When you buy a vending machine go for direct purchase from a reputable manufacturer. For new vending machines, you need to satisfy yourself with the warranty provided for the machines. However, while buying used machines do thorough research on the background and reputation of the company. Ensure that a proper purchase contract is in place stating that the machine is free of any defects and also includes an agreement to reimburse repair costs that might arise within a specified period. Revelation Machinery can help you procure the best used vending machines that are guaranteed to run for long without any breakdowns.

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