In as much as this may help you grow your business, your success will be short-lived if there are no repeat customers. You should, therefore, see to it that you retain most if not all customers that visit your e-commerce site.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that there is a lot of competition in the e-commerce world. As such, you can easily lose your clients if they feel the competitor is offering something better.

Moreover, managing an online store goes beyond the acquisition of new leads and increasing your business’s organic visibility through SEO. You need to think unconventionally to keep your clients. If you donโ€™t have an e-commerce store, 2022 is the best time to start an online business. No matter have you experience in e-commerce business or not, Sellvia can help you not only to get your online store but to make your business grow as well.

For now, with the help of the below-listed tips, you will be able to convert a majority of new website visors into return customers:

1. Cross-selling


In cross-selling, you can sell products that are somewhat related to new customers. This will increase the probability of them coming back to your site. Depending on your niche, you can go for products that complement each other in one way or another.

For example, if you are selling skincare products, you can include a primer and foundation in your inventory. That way, a customer who has bought one of the aforementioned products will likely come back for the other product. If you do this with all your products, you will notice a significant increase in your customer retention rate.

2. Customer Acknowledgement

Acknowledging first-time site visitors can greatly increase your customer conversion rate. This is primarily because customers often feel valued when you notice their presence. As such, you should design your e-commerce store such that you can engage with your customers with zero limitations.

Ensure that you answer all questions that the customers may have. Also, remember to keep it simple by providing information that is relevant to the query. Customer acknowledgment can be done via emails and social media platforms. By using bots, you can send acknowledgment phrases such as โ€œThank you for coming backโ€, โ€œGlad to see you againโ€, etc.

3. Make Use of Referral Programs

Most e-commerce store owners have referral programs, and it’s for a good reason. According to a report provided by Nielsen, 92% of customers are more likely to visit a website recommended by family and friends. With this in mind, you can use your existing customer base to help you market your brand to potential customers.

In return, you can provide your regular customers with incentives as a form of reinforcement. One thing about referral programs is that you must be willing to spend in order to maximize your profits. If you do everything correctly, you will earn more than you spent.

4. Look into Customer Complaints

Respond to Reviews

Part of being a business owner is knowing how to effectively deal with complaints and critics from new and existing customers. If you notice that there is an issue that seems to be bothering your customers, it would be wise to make the necessary adjustments before it is too late.

Always make an effort to go through the negative reviews left by the customers. This will, in turn, allow you to employ the most effective corrective measure when dealing with problems.

5. Improve Your Customer Care Service

The way you interact with new customers on your e-commerce site will determine everything at the end of the day. If you offer top-notch customer service, you will have more return customers and vice versa. The best way to go about this is by assisting your customers and offering meaningful advice during product selection.

Good customer service also means responding to questions with minimal to no delays. Most customers tend to lose interest in websites with a low response rate. You should develop reliable customer service regardless of whether your business is large or small.

6. Employ Retargeting Strategies

This is probably one of the most effective methods that you use when it comes to converting new website visitors into repeat customers. There are several retargeting options that you can use in your search for return customers. However, ads are highly preferred since they are easy to customize. You can come up with tailored ads for customers who have visited your site before. Through this, you can convince customers who are still undecided on what they want.

Aside from ads, you can use tracking codes to help you better understand your audience. A tracking code will show you the areas that new visitors frequent, meaning you will have a rough idea of what they may need. More often than not, first-time customers donโ€™t convert because they never find what they are looking for. During retargeting, you can prove to your website visitors that needed products are now available.

7. Loyalty Programs

If you looking to entice potential customers to return to your e-commerce website, you should consider developing loyalty programs. This strategy can particularly prove helpful when dealing with a large number of customers.

Most online stores offer discounts to their loyal customers, thereby reinforcing customer loyalty. If you are not in a position to offer discounts, you can provide your loyal customers with reduced or free shipping services. To get maximum results, sure that your customers are aware of the program that you are running.

online customers

Tips on How to Return Customers

Return clients are more likely to visit your e-commerce store than new clients because they are already aware of its existence. Still, you should employ marketing strategies that can attract both parties. Retaining customers can be difficult if you donโ€™t pay close attention to them.

As such, you should provide all your customers with the best services to prevent them from leaving. The tips that we have covered can come in handy in different marketing scenarios.

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