In 2017, 7 million advertisers spent over 10 billion on PPC ads.

3 years later, more people on spending money on PPC ads because of how effective they are in their business. However, while advertisers are still spending lots on PPC ads, they are trying to get more bang for their buck.

In other words, they are trying to lower their cost per acquisition.

Some businesses try a specific cost per acquisition formula in order to reduce their CPA. While there’s no golden formula that helps lower your CPA, there are some strategies that you can try that can help.

Here’s a guide that can help optimize your PPC ads.

Optimize Locations

Targeting too many locations might seem like a good idea because you are targeting more people, but it actually hurts your PPC ads.

By targeting multiple locations, you’ll be showing your ads to people who aren’t interested in what you are offering. You’ll be generating useless clicks from people who aren’t committed to buying your product.

When you optimize and centralize a specific location, you are generating more profitable clicks because the interest is from people who are actually looking to buy.

You want to focus on getting 20% in sales. The more targeted your audience, the more profitable that 20% is for your business.

If you want to read more information on PPC strategies, you can check out the latest PPC trends.

Remarketing PPC Ads

After you have a specific audience in a specific location, you can not only run PPC ads directly to them, you can also remarket it to them.

That means rerunning ads that they already clicked on and showed interest in. When you rerun PPC ads, you are trying to gauge the interest of the audience. You are trying to reengage them.

Remarketing often lowers your cost per acquisition because it targets people who were already interested. It’s targeting a warm audience.

Retarget Abandoned Shopping Carts

Similar to remarketing to specific people, you can also retarget people who had items in their shopping cart but didn’t pay. They may have changed their mind and abandoned the shopping cart.

If you retarget these specific people, you can lower your cost per acquisition because you are reminding them that they had an abandoned shopping cart, that maybe they forgot about it.

You can remind them of the benefits of your product with specific PPC ads.

Apply These Strategies to Lower Your Cost per Acquisition

These strategies can help you lower your overall cost per acquisition because they are more specific to an audience and they focus on what’s working in terms of costs.

The most important strategy you can apply to lower your cost per acquisition is to focus on what works in your campaign. Look at the success of a particular part of your campaign and optimize it.

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