The last few years have seen a rising trend in the return to ancient ailments: herbal remedies, organic products, and plant secrets. In health, wellness, and beauty industries there has been common lust for a particular product known as CBD oil.

From lip balms to skin treatments, the CBD craze isn’t without reason. It’s not just a beauty product though, even the athletic type can seek the benefits.

Whether you’re an all-star athlete or feel the pains of your daily post-workouts, anyone seeking fast and direct muscle relief from can look no further than CBD muscle balm.

Here’s what you need to know about CBD and just how you can incorporate it into your daily workout life.

What is CBD Muscle Balm?

A very versatile ingredient, CBD is oil extracted from cannabis flowers and then mixed with olive oil or coconut oil bases to form a salve, cream, or lotion. Other essential oils with therapeutic benefits can be mixed in as well to increase the tranquilizing effect.

It’s nonintoxicating and won’t get you high though, meaning you can use it without concern any time of day.

If you’re looking into trying out a CBD muscle balm for the first time, we’d suggest checking out where you can explore a diverse range of options and types of oils, balms, and even flavors.

So, how exactly does it treat pain though?

Benefits of CBD

The benefits of CBD are endless making it super versatile for pain relief.

Here are just a few ways full spectrum CBD oil works:

1. Reduces Inflammation

Most notably, it helps reduce inflammation with joints and muscles making it a great remedy for post-workout or serious chronic pain conditions like arthritis.

CBD balm is ideal for localized pain versus full body pain relief because it provides a targeted, immediate response to the specific areas you apply it to. Once again, this is great for those who work out regularly and want to treat a certain part of your body.

2. Strengthens Skin

Topical CBD products have been found to ease pain from many skin related issues like eczema, psoriasis, and even general acne. Balms can ease past skin damage, help with dryness, and push the healing process along faster.

What’s also great? There’s no limit to how often you can use it on your skin. It can be used every day and on all skin types.

3. Relaxation

Applying a CBD product to your body or facial skin can create cooling, tingling, and warming sensations putting you into a state of calm, relaxation, and helping to ease anxiety for pre-flight travel or bedtime.

Wake Up Fresh, Not Sore

It’s no wonder so many people have been obsessed with CBD over the last few years. The list of benefits for both mental and physical pain make it a product for everyone.

After an intense physical workout, CBD muscle balm might just be exactly what you need to provide the muscle pain relief you seek.

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