These days our files and information are a major part of our lives and system security whether it be on our cell phones, computers, laptops or tablets. Having the Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Windows which is the world’s only software that has the capability for Data Recovery PLUS Video and Photo Repair. Having the best data recovery software can virtually save your life.

Perhaps you lost some files that you desperately need for work and think they are gone forever? With Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Windows, you no longer have to worry about that. You’ll rest assured that every single file that was once lost will be found. Stellar Data Recovery is even great for newbies and beginners using Windows.

With an interface that saves time and allows you to accomplish more each and every day, you’ll feel almost like you are cheating the system somehow. There are three tiers to choose from such as Professional, Premium, and Technician.

The Professional version gives you a one year license for one computer. It will recover all lost data which was deleted and or formatted. It also supports a number of different file types and it costs $79.99. Then, there is the Premium which runs $99.99 and also has a one year license on one computer. Lastly, you can get the big kahuna or the Technician version which will cost you $199. With the Technician, you get a one-year license for up to three computers. It should be noted that the Technician and Premium versions have additional features depending on what operating system software you buy.

What are the Features and Performance?

When you use Stellar Data Recovery you will find it has simple scan features, however, there may be some options that are lacking. You can customize the scan feature to eliminate unnecessary file types such as your apps. You can also select the hard drive partition to scan too.

When the scan is completed you be shown a list of all files and you can choose what to throw away and what to keep. But, sometimes the preview function won’t work for multimedia files. You can also save your scan results and bring them back up at a later date. All three versions can be used for both business and personal use. However, the technician is pretty much for professionals while allowing IT workers and managers the option to access drives remotely within the network. You can also recover deleted files from a RAID server.

You can recover files that were both deleted and lost because of reformatting the drive. However, there is a 5 percent chance you won’t be able to recover some files that were deleted through formatting.

How to recover Your Data

Here are the steps for using Stellar Data Recovery to get your information and files. That feature can be found under “Select What To Recover”. Then you’ll choose a location under “Select Location” and see where you need to retrieve the data from. After that, the scanning option will bring up a list of files under “File Type”, “Tree View”, and “Deleted List”. When you see the files you need to recover select them and hit the “Recover Button”. There will be a pop-up window that asks you what the destination location is going to be. Finally, pick your destination and save it to the spot of your choosing.

Quick Scan/Deep Scan

When using Stellar Data Recovery you can do a Quick Scan or a Deep Scan. With the Quick Scan feature you get a fast scan of the drive or volume you select. On the other hand, when you run a Deep Scan you’ll experience an extremely thorough scan which is more than worth the time and effort. This is about three times as good as the Quick Scan too. You get a precise recovery effort which will pull up any data that is recoverable.

Don’t forget with Stellar Data Recovery you can also recover files from a removable storage device. However, with this feature, you are only able to recover photos from something like a Memory Card or Pen Drive.

Supported File Types

There is a plethora of file types that Stella Data Recovery supports. File such as BMP, WBMP,WMF,JPEG,JPG,JP2, WMF, EMF, PNG, MNG, DIB,TIFF, TIF, GIF, image files. The software also supports DOC, DOtX, XLS, XLSX, RMI, WMV, WAV, MPG, WMA, MP3, AVI, ASF, MPEG, MOV, MP4, and so on. There are many other file types Stellar supports simply read over your box carefully.


There are a couple of shortcomings with Stella Data Recovery. For instance, if you run a Quick Scan of the formatted drive you’ll find that the software doesn’t recover those files all that well. Also, the preview function won’t always work with multimedia files. You also aren’t able to pause your scan either. So keep that in mind too.

However another great thing about Stella Data Recovery is they recently introduced a subscription based model in which they offer free upgrades to their users within the license period of the software. If the user has purchased a 1 year license they will receive all upgrades free for 1 year.

So there you have it. The wonderful features and capabilities of the Stella Data Recovery software. And remember this software system isn’t that expensive either and will no doubt give you your money’s worth while saving your data or perhaps saving your job in the meantime.

So feel the freedom that Stellar Data recovery gives you and sleep like a baby knowing your data is safe and sound.

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