Have you found yourself the target of a frivolous lawsuit?

Wondering how you can proceed without losing your cool?

Making the discovery that you’re being sued can take your breath away and leave you furious, scared, and depressed. While the legal proceedings can be difficult enough to go through, it can also be hard to stay sane and keep your mental health strong when going through a lawsuit.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll look at the top ways you can protect your mental health when going through a frivolous lawsuit.

1. Let It All Out

When you first get hit with a lawsuit, chances are that you’re going to feel a lot of different emotions. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t try to suppress them or make them go away. It’s better to let yourself feel whatever you’re feeling for some amount of time.

While you may be feeling some strong emotions and be afraid of the outcome of your case, don’t let it overwhelm you. Simply feel the emotions, and then get ready to fight the case with all that you’ve got.

You may feel like you’re going a little bit crazy and that’s okay. However, try to keep a level head and feel your emotions but don’t let them control you too much. You may want to start a daily meditation practice in order to de-stress and keep your thoughts and emotions from running wild.

2. Be Ready to Stand Up to Pressure

When you’re facing a frivolous lawsuit it’s important that you make a promise to yourself to stay calm no matter what happens. Breathe in deeply and realize that the lawsuit is not the end of the world.

As part of this, you’ll also need to be prepared for staying calm when dealing with pressure from lawyers, the plaintiff, and anyone involved in the legal process. The plaintiff’s lawyers may try to bully you with legal threats and may use complex terms to try to intimidate you. They may also try to persuade you to settle the case, claiming that there’s no way that you can win it.

Be sure that you’re standing strong. Don’t give in to any threats or pressure if you know that you didn’t do anything wrong. Despite what they may say, you likely have a good chance of winning the case if you’re not at fault.

3. Find Support

Having a great support system is crucial when you’re going through a lawsuit. Make sure that you reach out to any family or friends that can help you feel stronger when going through this tough time.

It’s perfectly okay to lean on someone else for support when you’re involved in a lawsuit. While you may not be able to speak about the case details with your family and friends, they can be there for you when you feel that your strength has vanished. 

Don’t be embarrassed or worried about what your family or friends may think. Simply try to rely on them and spend more time with them if possible. Being around family and friends at this time can make the whole legal battle go much more easily for you and will help you protect your mental health.

4. Stay Healthy

When your mind is focused on fighting a frivolous lawsuit, it can be easy to let the rest of your life fall apart around you. However, it’s important to try your best to keep your life together and stay healthy in the face of stress. 

Make sure that you’re eating right and that you’re exercising often. Exercising regularly will give you a break and will help you release endorphins and keep your spirits high. While it can be tempting when you’re stressed out, you should also avoid the urge to start drinking more alcohol or smoking more often.

By taking care of yourself and continuing to follow positive daily routines you’ll have a much easier time sanely handling the lawsuit.

5. Educate Yourself

When you’re hit with a lawsuit it’s essential that you educate yourself and find out as much as you can about the legal proceedings you’ll be facing. Try to study up on court proceedings in general as well as the particular type of case that has been brought against you.

If you’re facing a lawsuit related to a wrongful death due to drunk driving, for example, you’ll want to learn specifically about that. If you see any information about your type of case online you’ll want to check it out and learn everything that you can.

While your lawyer will do much of the heavy lifting for you, it can pay to know a little bit yourself as well. Most of all, knowing about the process and what your options are will give you better peace of mind. You’ll have a better idea of what to expect, and as a result, you’ll have a better chance of staying calm during the legal proceedings.

6. Keep Your Distance

It’s important to remember that you need to keep your emotions under control when going through a lawsuit. Don’t do anything rash and don’t directly try to contact or speak to the person who is filing a case against you.

Speaking with the plaintiff directly can lead to extra problems and additional conflict that will make matters worse. Let your lawyer handle any communication with the plaintiff and their lawyer instead.

Letting your lawyer handle communication with the other party will also be much easier on your mental health. Conversations with the plaintiff can escalate quickly and, at the very least, can make you even more frustrated and angry than you initially were.

7. Lawyer Up

Last but not least, the best way to stay sane when facing a lawsuit is to make sure you choose an amazing lawyer who will fight with you tooth and nail to win your case. Be fully prepared and ready to go to court if need be and to fight the best that you can.

Having a great lawyer by your side will make the case go more smoothly but it can also give you better peace of mind. You’ll know that you’ve given yourself the best chance at getting through the lawsuit in one piece.

Make sure you find a lawyer that you know has a great chance of winning the case. It’s best to not leave the legal proceedings to chance, so take some to look around for a great lawyer and compare your options before making your decision.

Using These Tips For Getting Through a Frivolous Lawsuit

If you’re going through a frivolous lawsuit, you may be worried about your mental health. Make sure that you take it one day at a time, and try your best to stay calm. By using the tips above you’ll have a great chance of staying sane and managing your stress levels well while you’re going through this time in your life.

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