Did you know 43 percent of online attacks target small businesses?

If your business hasn’t fallen victim to a cyberattack, chances are high your time is coming. And if you’ve already been attacked, you aren’t immune to further attacks.

The people behind these attacks aren’t looking to destabilize your business or merely test how strong your defense systems are. Hackers are after your valuable business data. With it, they can hold you to ransom or even sell it.

So, how secure is your business data?

Continue reading for a couple of effective tips you can use to protect your data

Store Your Business Data in a Secure Place

When you don’t want unauthorized people to access anything of yours, you store it in a secure place, right? The same applies to business data.

By default, you most likely store business data (things like business contracts, client detail, employee information, product designs) in your office computers. These computers are password-protected, so you assume your data is secure.

Well, when you want to protect data, you’ve got to do much more than just storing it in a password-protected computer. You have to identify a secure system that’s accessible to a few designated individuals. For instance, a dedicated computer server is an ideal place to keep your data.

Train Your Employees on Data Security

It’s hardly possible that you’ll be the only one accessing your business data. In most instances, it’s inevitable that your employees will have access to some data on a daily basis.

As such, it makes sense to invest in your employees’ data security training.

An employee who doesn’t know the importance of data security might not see the need to take extra steps to protect the data. Such an employee can forget to put a strong password on their computers.

When employees know the value of data security and have been trained on how to keep data secure, they are far less likely to make mistakes that’ll leave business data vulnerable.

Training doesn’t have to be cost-intensive. There are cheap or free learning materials online. Pointing them to such materials or printing them out can help boost their data security knowledge and awareness.

Backup Your Data

Being proactive about cybersecurity goes a long way in keeping your data secure, but hackers can still have their way.

What’s your plan for doomsday?

Hackers making away with your data can be detrimental to your business. Can you imagine if someone deleted your customers’ contact details? You won’t even know how to start collecting the data again. Let alone the fact that no one will trust you with their data again.

This is why it’s vital to backup your business data. Should the bad guys steal it or lock you out of your systems, you’ll still have a copy of the data.

And in the event that you’re caught off guard (without backups), a data recovery service can rescue your business.

Data Security Matters

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of our personal and business data. Unfortunately, this world is anything but perfect. Hackers are roaming free, looking for valuable data to steal.

With this guide, though, you now know the steps you should take to protect business data.

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