If you have just had your eyelash extensions done, you might think that you are set for weeks to come and wonโ€™t have to do anything to keep them in good shape. While eyelash extensions require much less care than regular makeup, it is still important to properly take care of them so that they remain healthy and last you for as long as possible. Noble Lash has prepared a couple of tips to help you properly care for your eyelashes after an eyelash extension treatment, which will assist you in keeping your lashes healthy and good-looking.

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Keep your eyelashes dry after a treatment

During the first 24 to 36 hours after you have had your eyelash extensions done, you should avoid getting your eyelash wet. That also includes excessive amounts of moisture. Just to stay safe, you should avoid washing your hair during that time after the treatment. If you absolutely have to wash your hair during that time, make sure to keep water away from your eyes. You should also abstain from going to the sauna or taking very hot showers, as steam can also have a negative impact on the eyelashes. Even after the 24-hour mark, it is advised not to keep your eyelashes submerged in water for long, as it may shorten their lifetime.

Clean your face every day

Keeping your face clean and dry is very important when caring for your eyelash extensions, especially when you have an oily complexion. We recommend using oil-free products, such as special cosmetic cleansers, which can be found in a liquid form or an easy to use foam. You should also use a cleaner to keep your eyelash extensions tidy, which can be done with a lash cleanser or a baby shampoo if you donโ€™t have one. When choosing face and eyelash care products, always choose professional cosmetics that wonโ€™t cause skin and eye irritation when used.

Do not rub your eyes

When water gets into your eyes or if youโ€™re allergic and your eyes itch, you may be tempted to rub them. This can easily damage not only eyelash extensions, but also your natural lashes, leaving them in poor condition. When wearing eyelash extensions, you also should not use products with high amounts of oil on your face, including products such as waterproof oil-based mascaras and eyeliners. Finally – donโ€™t remove your eyelash extensions by yourself, as it can damage your natural lashes. Visit a professional stylist who will do that for you.

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