Did you know that inclusive teams make better business decisions twice as fast? When it comes to promoting diversity in the workplace, there are no downsides. By creating an inclusive space you’ll end up with a team that solves problems creatively and fast.

Keep reading to find out how to promote diversity in the workplace today.

Educate Managers

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When you’re trying to foster diversity in the workplace it is important to start at the top. The relationship between managers and their employees is a crucial one. If there is a disconnect between a manager and an employee, it is likely that you’ll lose that employee.

You can’t assume that your managers understand the importance of workplace diversity. Empowering your managers will help them grow and nourish a more diverse team. Cultural and sensitivity training is a great place to start the education journey.

Having clear channels of communication and reporting structures in place will also go a long way when it comes to promoting workplace diversity. Also, look at promoting from within your team to show that you see their potential.

Inclusive Workplace Policies

While you will always hope that you won’t need to call on workplace policies, having inclusive policies protects your staff. Creating inclusive workplace policies will facilitate workplace diversity. When evaluating your current policy it is important to take a look at the language used and amend the policies where needed while also creating new policies.

Some policy examples include:

  • allowing employees to have time off for religious holidays even if they aren’t observed by the company as a whole
  • offering on-site daycare
  • offering breastfeeding and pumping rooms
  • offering flexible work hours and remote work

Build Your Network

If you’re unsure where to get started, you should consider hiring a professional company to assist you. For more information, click for Dei Consulting.

Meaningful Employee Engagement

If your company has a variety of locations, you should consider allowing your employees to visit other company sites. This will allow them to experience how other locations interact with each other. While employees are visiting it can also be useful to schedule external employee engagement outings and activities.

By allowing employees to experience how other teams handle similar problems they face, you will be encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. Employees will see different solutions than they might have tough of themselves. The employees will then bring this new perspective back to their own team.

Mentorship Programs


Mentorship programs are a big component when it comes to promoting diversity in the workplace. The goal of these programs is to give everyone, regardless of their age, race, sex, or other factors, the opportunity to advance.

Know How to Promote Diversity in the Workplace

Knowing how to promote diversity in the workplace is a big aspect when it comes to creating an inclusive space. Fostering workplace diversity will give you a happier and more inclusive team that thinks outside of the box. So start your journey of inclusivity today!

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