Planning a vacation takes much more than deciding on a place to go. You have to figure out accommodations, language accessibility, currency equivalence, your itinerary, food, and much more.

Some travelers are the type to go with the flow and figure things out as they go. For others, this kind of ambiguity gives them an overwhelming sense of anxiety and a series of mini heart attacks.

If you’re the type to plan things out as best as you can, and you’re wondering how to plan a vacation in the smartest way possible, keep reading. In this article, we share sixΒ important vacation-planning tips to help you save time and money when planning your next family trip.

1. Leave Room In Your Luggage

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When packing for a vacation, most people tend to overpack their luggage with things they think they will need on their trip. This could mean excessive outfit options, work-related devices, and random objects that tend to go untouched throughout the trip.

Let’s be honest, not bringing these things along with you will not diminish the quality of your vacation. Leave them at home.

Embrace a minimalist mindset when packing for a family vacation.

2. Consider Camping

Booking accommodations for your trip may be the next most stressful thing about planning a vacation, right behind deciding where to go. Going through third-party apps to find accommodations also means unnecessary costs and fees.

If the weather allows and you want to experience the lay of the land where you’re traveling, consider camping. For example, you can find glamping in Zion National Park while you’re exploring one of the nation’s most prized natural landscapes.

3. Scour Social Media for Ideas

The best way to find out which places to visit while on vacation is to ask the locals. The second best way is to scour social media for ideas.

Some of the best social media platforms to glean destination ideas are TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit. You can find some hidden gems that even the most popular blogs on the Internet have not covered.

4. Read up on Travel Requirements

Essential Tips to Make Packing a Travel Bag a Breeze

The pandemic has forced countries and airlines to introduce travel requirements that encourage safer travels between states and countries. If you’re thinking of planning a vacation outside of the country, be sure to read up on updated travel requirements before you get to the airport.

Certain airlines require proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test result within a certain amount of days before flying. Make sure you meet the necessary travel requirements prior to your fly-out date.

5. Go For All Inclusive

If you want to save yourself the headache of booking a vacation and keeping track of how much money you plan to spend on vacation, look for an all-inclusive resort. This kind of accommodation takes most expenses out of the equation so you can focus on having fun and enjoying yourself. This is particularly helpful for larger groups such as for your family vacation.

6. Book on Cheaper Days

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Research provided by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation found that booking flights on Sundays can save you up to 36% on your flight as opposed to booking on other days. It also helps to book at least three weeks in advance of your trip.

How To Plan a Vacation With the Least Amount of Stress

Knowing how to plan a vacation the right way helps to reduce the amount of stress and frustration that tends to accompany trip-planning. With these six tips in mind, you can go forth and plan your trip with ease.

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