Are you daydreaming about a vacation?

When planning your next vacay, make sure you have the best tools to get the best deals on amazing locations. Be prepared and save money by using sites that can show you how to plan a vacation the right way.

Keep reading for some of the best websites out there that can help you book the trip of a lifetime


This site is a simple, user-friendly way to compare prices on things like hotels, flights, car rentals, and train rides. You can also book any of these straight through the site.

There are also vacation packages available to make it super easy for you to book an all-inclusive bundle. Kayak members get discounts on these packages, helping you save both time and money.


This is a great option for someone who wants a flexible travel booking site that will work with you. This site offers deals on everything from 5-star hotels to amazing cruise ships. If you’re booking a vacation far in advance, you can cancel or reschedule for free.

The down payments are super affordable, and their low rates can save you up to 83% on your vacation. Check out their hot weekly deals page for the lowest rates at luxury resorts in exotic locations like Cabo and Cancun. Read this book VIP review to see what others are saying.

Lonely Planet

This is a great resource to keep around when traveling. This company produces travel guide books that aren’t too touristy, and offer unique experiences. You can also download the text as a digital version if you don’t want to carry around a travel book on your vacation.

Their free guide app has you covered with maps, phrasebooks, a currency calculator and tons of helpful advice to make your trip as smooth sailing as possible.

You can also use their website to plan your trip by booking your basic travel needs to adjust to whatever adventure they suggest. They also offer add-ons like travel insurance as well as sightseeing packages and travel products, acting as your one-stop travel shop. We love that this site is both practical and educational.


This site is free and created by users, offering travel advice and guides for many locations. You can search this site by location and access tons of articles that can give you an insight into the best way to plan a trip to a certain destination.

If your looking for real stories, experiences, and advice from other travelers who have gone to the place your dreaming about visiting, this site is a great one to check out.

How to Plan a Vacation the Right Way

Now that you know how to plan a vacation with these amazing resources, you can get started on booking the vacation your in need of. Check these sites out when booking your trip so you can find the best deals, packages and more.

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