Maryland motor vehicle laws are a little bit different from the laws in the other states. In fact, most states have at least one or two different regulations and laws that only the trained accident attorney knows. There are times when a simple fender bender seems manageable without the intervention of a law professional. Most people believe that they can recover their losses from their insurance companies without seeking professional help. Many believe that hiring lawyers is an added expense on top of the medical bills and car repair costs. However, almost all of them forget the truth – insurance companies are pro-profit companies that do not want to pay the full amount if there is any other way out. To recover the whole amount and to win an accident lawsuit against the other parties involved in the accident, it is essential to seek the help of an experienced lawyer.

Once you decide it is time to contact a lawyer, the obvious next question is – how to find a Maryland car accident lawyer? There are thousands of practicing lawyers in the state of Maryland, but finding the one, who can take care of your lawsuit and help you win it can be challenging. If you choose a novice, who does not have much knowledge of the recently updated laws or experience of dealing with insurance companies, you might have a tough time during the trial. Choosing the right auto accident lawyer is the first step towards a winning lawsuit.

Here’s how you can pick the right motor vehicle accident lawyer in Maryland –

  1. Choosing the right lawyer for your auto accident case can make or break your trial. If you want to preserve your driving license and recover full damages in money, you need the best legal support your money can buy. You should check the following factors before hiring an auto accident attorney –

Experience: if your attorney does not have exclusive expertise in dealing with auto accident cases, you should look for someone who does.

Reputation: the reputation of an attorney is critical in court. If he or she has the reputation of being honest, yet brutal, your chances of winning the trial automatically increase manifold.

Dedication: we cannot stress on this enough. Your auto accident attorney should show commitment to your case. He or she might be dealing with other cases at the time of your approach, but the lawyer should never pass you over for another case after you have hired him or her.

  1. Without enough research, it is impossible to find the right legal team that can handle your case. Lawyers have their dedicated websites and portfolios right now. Almost all established lawyers in Maryland have their profile on legal directories. You can find their names and contact details by searching the accident law fields. You can run Google searches for specialized skills. Checking their websites, going through their reviews and client testimonies is a must for every potential client. If you want to hire someone for their services, you should find out exactly what you are paying for. Usually going through their recent achievements, certifications, and client interactions are enough to paint a picture of the quality of services you can expect.
  1. Hiring a lawyer is just like hiring any professional for their dedicated service. We interview and consider multiple professionals even when we require plumbing work in our homes. Not thoroughly vetting our options when it comes to lawyers simply does not make sense. Here are a few questions you should always ask your lawyer when you meet him or her for the first time –
  • How long have you been practicing automobile accident law\?
  • How much do you have to participate during the preparation and trial?
  • Will he or she overlook the case directly or will an intern, or junior lawyer take over?
  • What will be your mode of communication? Will they remain accessible when you need information?
  • What is their payment arrangement? Will they provide you with billing and payment details?
  1. Not only should you interview your prospective lawyers, but you should also create your own review sheet. Jot down what you like and dislike about each one you have shortlisted. Ask yourself a few questions to find out if the right lawyer is on that list –
  • Are you comfortable working with the lawyer of choice?
  • Do you think they can handle your case well with their skills and experience?
  • Can they explain the nitty-gritty of the case in layperson’s terms to you?
  • Are you satisfied with the lines of communication between you and your lawyer’s office?
  • Did you get a thorough understanding of the fee breakdown and payment options?
  • Can you trust your lawyer with the details of the incident?

How much do accident attorneys cost?

There is a common myth across the US that accident lawyers will hog all the money anyone receives as compensation. However, that is entirely untrue. You need to understand the fee arrangement before you hire an expert lawyer. An attorney’s fee can vary depending on the work necessary for a particular case. The fee for the same lawyer can be different for your friend although he or she won a similar case for you! If you have doubts about their fee structure, consider discussing it with them face-to-face.

In Maryland, most auto accident attorneys work on contingency. There is a no-win-no-pay policy that they follow strictly. If you are struggling with medical bill payments and car repair expenses, contingency-based payment might just work for you. He or she is likely to take a percentage of the compensation you receive from the insurance company or the defendant. The percentage usually varies between one-third and 40% for most lawyers in Maryland.

Always be sure not to judge a law firm by the fees the lawyer charges. Even some of the best lawyers charge a modest fee from their clients. Always remember to check their client reviews, testimonies and case histories before you hire them.

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