After a very productive and tiring day that you’ve had, your one go-to source is a vacuum cleaner. It will take care of all the messy jobs if you operate them with utmost comfort and utility. It’s a must-have device for your home for all sorts of cleaning purposes.

While you would love to have one, the hefty price tag is most likely to discourage your purchase. Here’s how you can select the best vacuum cleaner under £100.

Go For Excellent Features in Budget

There are many options in the market where you can get all the features you are looking for in your vacuum cleaner within a defined budget. There are many inexpensive models where you can get the features of the expensive ones in comparison.

Generally, the upright vacuum cleaners are less expensive than canisters. But, if you can take some time to explore, you can find under budget options in canisters as well.

The features that you should prioritize are lightweight, bagless or bagged (as per your choice), suction power, cord or cordless, and most importantly, ease of use. Due to the existing competition, most brands have cheaper vacuum cleaner options that provide all the specifications and features that you need in your vacuum cleaner.

Power and Performance in a Budget

The versatility of the vacuum cleaner is the most important thing to consider while purchasing one. Your vacuum cleaner should be an all-rounder in cleaning the carpets, sofa and upholstery, stairs, floor, etc. It should offer a top to bottom cleaning.

The vacuum cleaners that you will mostly get will have a plastic body build-up inside-out at this price. This is just fine as long as the plastic material is not of cheap quality. Make sure that you go for a solid build-up that doesn’t break while cleaning.

A lightweight vacuum cleaner will be easier to maneuver than a heavy one. It is also essential to look for a lighter bodyweight with a sturdy build-up. It should also fit into your ideal storage space.

The vacuum cleaner should not fall short on the power and performance evaluation. The suction power of the vacuum cleaner is something that you should never compromise on.

Look for tried and tested options in terms of performance and use. For this, take the internet’s help and find out the ratings of the vacuum cleaner online. This will help you make a wiser decision while making a purchase.

Filtration is Important

The vacuum cleaners today come along with HEPA filters for better filtration purposes. These filters clear any allergens in the environment while cleaning. The air pushed out from the vacuum cleaner is cleaner than the air sucked in due to the functions of these filters. So, it’s great if you can get HEPA filters in a cheap vacuum cleaner.

Filtration is an important feature to consider when buying your vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners keep spilling dirt during usage. Go for tried and tested options that use a smart filtration system while operating.

Another thing to look out for is the ease of cleaning the filters. To maintain the vacuum cleaner’s durability, the filters can be completely detached and washed/cleaned separately. Bigger or coarse particles can most likely harm the filters, which is why cleaning them from time to time becomes important.

Look for Accessories and Attachments

The accessories and attachments are essential to consider while going for a specific option. Your vacuum cleaner should be able to maneuver in the smallest of places and corners. It should provide the utility to clean such spaces like under the sofa, car, pet hairs, etc.

For this, you should consider the vital accessories that you will need for an overall cleaning process. Accessories like brushes and crevice tools will make it easier to clean hard to reach surfaces.

Also, going for cord attachments will make it easier to clean on the staircases and tall surfaces. So, at this price, if you can get additional attachments, it’s even better.

Compare Prices and Features of Counterparts

A quick research of the counterparts of the vacuum cleaner that you are willing to purchase will help you make a well-informed decision. The primary thing you should remember is to be specific in your needs and then compare your options.

Refer to the buying guide above and get the best vacuum cleaner under £100 for your home. For long term durability, make fewer mistakes while vacuuming.

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