Famous basketball athletes such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving have become household names in the NBA because of their unmatched skill. Due to their popularity, basketball has become the third most popular sport in the world.

As a result, more people are looking to buy basketball shoes so they can play like their favorite athlete. However, it can be challenging to decide which pair to purchase because many different shoes are available.

Are you having trouble deciding on new basketball shoes? If so, check out our guide for tips you should consider for your next purchase.

1. Ankle Protection

Ankle Protection

For any person who plays basketball, ankle protection is essential to consider when buying basketball shoes. Basketball involves a lot of cutting, slashing, and jumping, meaning your ankles are always engaged.

Without the proper ankle support, you would be at risk for an injury such as a broken ankle. So ensure to read customer reviews to see if previous customers are satisfied with that sneaker’s ankle protection.

2. Your Playing Style

Your Playing Style

After narrowing down your choices to pairs with the best ankle support, next is looking for a shoe that fits your playing style. There are five positions in basketball; point and shooting guards, small and power forwards, and the center.

Each of these positions has a different playing style which will require shoes that can handle the load. Let’s take a look at those needs below.

Point/Shooting Guard

Point and shooting guards are finesse players who are likely to have the ball in their hands more than anyone else. Decision-making is vital at these positions, so there may be times when you have to drive the ball hard or stop and take a shot.

For these reasons, you’ll want a comfortable shoe that has a secure fit. You’ll also need to make sure the sneakers you select come with good traction.

As a guard, you’ll be making a lot of cuts on offense and defense. So your shoes need to have good traction to support those movements.

Small Forward

Small forwards can be a combination of slashers and power players. They are often the best athletes on the floor and attack the rim with unmatched athleticism, i.e., LeBron James.

The best basketball shoes for people who play these positions would be sneakers that guards would wear. The movements can be similar, so you should have shoes that aid your abilities.

Power Forward/Center

Power forwards and centers are post players that rarely leave the paint. Their main job is to gather up rebounds, block shots, and score easy baskets around the rim.

However, they are also banging with big bodies throughout gameplay. If you play these positions, you’ll need to make sure your shoes provide as much support as possible so you can hold your own down low.

3. Getting the Correct Size

Getting the Correct Size

Although it seems like common sense, it can be easy to get the wrong size when you’re buying basketball shoes. How? Depending on the manufacturer and make of the shoe, they may run small or large.

For example, you may have ordered a size 12 shoe, but because of its model, it fits more like an 11.5. So, ensure you read customer reviews to see how people describe the fit.

If it runs small, you may need to go a half-size smaller. But if it runs large, then you should buy a half-size larger.

4. Low, Mid, Or High?

Low, Mid, Or High

When you watch an NBA game today, you’ll see players with sneakers of various colors and styles. However, you may also notice that their shoes have different height sizes. These are low, mid, or high tops.

Each has its pros and cons. So it’s up to you to decide which would be more suitable for your game.


Low-tops are chosen mainly by guards and players that rely on their athleticism and speed. They’re a popular choice in this position because of how lightweight, low-top shoes are.

However, these shoes have limited ankle support. So if you have a history of ankle injuries, you should avoid playing in low-tops.


Mid-shoes are great for versatile players that do a little bit of everything on the court. They provide ankle support while also not adding too much weight to the shoes.

So your movements on the court won’t be affected at all. Jordan basketball shoes are great mid basketball sneakers to wear. But the Jordan 3 will give you the comfort, style, and support you’ve been looking for in a pair of sneakers.


High-top sneakers are those that cover just above your ankle. They’re not the most popular choice because the extra ankle support adds weight to the shoe.

So your movements are likely to get limited. However, if you don’t rely on speed or play a post position, high tops should be the sneaker of choice.

5. Your Budget

Your Budget

As we mentioned before, the increase in basketball’s popularity has led more people to buy basketball sneakers. The aim for most is to buy sneakers from a signature athlete from certain brands.

For example, Lebron James is a Nike athlete, while Damian Lillard is an Adidas athlete. However, the problem with these shoes lies in the price. On average, you’ll pay roughly $150-$200 for a pair of basketball shoes.

Determine what your budget is. Some sneakers can fit your criteria for around $100. But ensure that the quality of the sneakers isn’t cheap. If it is, you may end up destroying your shoes or coming away with an injury.

Consider These Tips When Buying Basketball Shoes

Buying basketball shoes can be challenging because there are various options to choose from. However, if you consider our suggestions above, you’ll have an easier time selecting the right shoes to compliment your game.

Are you interested in more basketball-related tips? If so, feel free to read some of our other blog posts.

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