You’ve decided you’re ready to make a commitment to your girlfriend, but you’re not ready to propose quite yet. You still want to give her something special, but you don’t know what best expresses your devotion.

How about showing how much you love her with matching promise rings?

Promise rings aren’t just for teenagers anymore. They don’t have to represent purity until marriage either.

You can find stylish promise rings for couples that will make you and your girlfriend feel closer than ever. Keep reading for everything you should consider when buying promise rings.

Consider Her Taste

Before you buy a promise ring, think about what kind of style your partner would like. If you’re choosing to make the ring a surprise, you might consider checking with her friends or taking note of what kind of jewelry she likes.

Does she prefer gold or silver jewelry? Do you know if she’s a diamond girl, or if she likes more alternative stones, like turquoise?

Although you’ll be buying promise rings for both of you, it’s important that you consider your partner’s style before making any final decisions.

What Kind of Stone

The diamond is the most common choice for rings. However, there are many other options for stones as well.

Depending on your girlfriend’s preferences, you might consider an alternative stone like turquoise or sapphire.

You could get creative and choose a combination of stones for your rings too. This may involve more attention to design but will be more symbolic and meaningful for your commitment to the relationship.

You can also refer to this article for the style of cut for your stones.

What Kind of Setting

Once you’ve selected the stone for your promise rings, it’s time to pick the best setting. Promise rings do not have to resemble engagement rings, so there are no rules about choosing a traditional setting like the cathedral setting.

If a simpler and more understated setting would be a better fit, you might consider a bezel setting for your relationship promise rings.

What Kind of Metal

Just like the stone and setting selections, the kind of metal for the ring band is the element that pulls the whole ring together. You’ll want to consider skin tone as well as skin sensitivities when selecting a metal.

Each metal will give your ring a different look, so choose carefully. Gold and sterling silver are classic options. Other more unique selections include titanium, tungsten, or cobalt.

Promise Ring Meaning

While there are many reasons to give your partner a promise ring, it’s important to note it is not an engagement proposal. You can offer a promise ring as a sign of your commitment to the relationship.

Or if your relationship is long-distance, you can get relationship promise rings so you always have a reminder of your partner when you’re far away from each other.

Matching Promise Rings for Your Love

Getting matching promise rings with your partner is symbolic of taking a major step in your relationship. It signifies your love for each other, and a promise ring will be a perfect gift that both of you can wear.

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