Without good PPC Management advertising, no business will ever be successful online. Special PPC agencies can help you launch a powerful advertising campaign. In this short guide Promodex Agency, we will analyze what exactly these companies do and how they can be useful to you.

PPC Management: What Is a Contextual Advertising Agency?

Contextual Advertising Agency

A PPC Management advertising agency, as the name implies, is engaged in promoting your business on the Internet. To accomplish this, a specific type of contextual advertising is ordered: a text. Such advertising is aimed at attracting the attention of customers, which entails clicking on a link leading to your business website.

The agency makes sure that your advertising is displayed on all kinds of sites on the Internet, taking the target audience into account. Thus, cooperation with a contextual advertising agency brings new customers and also increases awareness. Contextual advertising is simple to set up and extremely adaptable.

PPC Management: What Do Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Companies Do?

In contextual advertising, there is such a model as “pay per click.” The essence is simple: the advertiser pays for each click on an advertising banner on the Internet. For example, in Google Ads, the cost of one click is at least one cent.

Let’s say you want to advertise on a website. To do this, you need to pay PPC to the site owner. In other words, PPC is a certain amount that the advertiser pays the site owner for each user who clicks on their ad placed on this site. And so the pay-per-click companies provide you with this opportunity, greatly facilitating the whole process.

PPC Management: What Is an Audit of an Advertising Campaign, and When Is It Needed?

An audit of an advertising company is a very useful procedure. It increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. An audit is the process of a detailed study of advertising settings and strategies, during which errors are identified and corrected. During the audit, the company with which you will work will analyze the structure of advertising campaigns, work out texts, check landing pages, and also prepare important recommendations aimed at improving the effectiveness of advertising.

An audit is always needed when it seems that advertising does not bring in the expected income. After the implementation of the audit, the business becomes much more profitable, as the growth of customers increases, the number of orders increases, and other indicators that are not directly related to advertising improve.

PPC Management: How Much Do Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services Cost?


It is rather difficult to give an exact figure since different companies set their own advertising prices. Businesses may anticipate paying $1 to $2 per click on the Google Search Network, on average. Small and medium-sized firms typically spend $9,000 to $10,000 per month on PPC.

Why You Need to Hire a PPC Management Advertising Agency?

So, let’s look at the main reasons why working with PPC advertising companies is preferable. First, it produces results. If you decide to set up an advertising company yourself, this can lead to all sorts of difficulties. And then it is unlikely that you will do everything perfectly. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, you should trust the professionals. Secondly, there is simply no other effective way to increase sales except for advertising. If you are interested in your success, sooner or later you will have to contact a contextual advertising agency.

PPC Management: Advantages of Attracting PPC Agencies

Here are the main reasons why you should work with pay-per-click management companies:

  • Professionals’ work. You can be sure that only highly qualified employees have taken up your project. They have a lot of experience as well as all the necessary skills.
  • Result guarantee. The company guarantees that your advertising campaigns will be successful. If, in the end, it turns out that the work of the agency did not produce results, you have the right to receive a refund.
  • Rapidity. For competent specialists, the amount of work will not seem intimidating. All procedures can be completed in no more than a week, so you do not have to wait long.

PPC Management: How to Choose the Right PPC Agency for Your Business

PPC Agency

We know you think there are so many best PPC companies out there, and choosing the best one can be tricky. But choosing a reliable agency for your business is much easier than it seems. To do this, before choosing, you need to carefully check the organization. In particular, read reviews about the company and research its cases and portfolio in detail. Familiarize yourself with the prices and quality of the services provided. Feel free to talk a lot with agency representatives; ask all sorts of questions you want to ask. We also advise you not to contact the first company that you come across but to compare all the offers in detail in order to choose the most profitable one.

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