Sometimes it’s hard to know what type of hairstyle to choose for men. There are endless options when it comes to picking a new hair style for men and looking on websites does not always help. When your browsing online you hope to get an answer but it doesn’t factor in all the information necessary to find the proper haircut!

When thinking about the topic of a new hairstyle for men it’s important to factor in the person’s face shape. The hair cut should depend on the type of face shape the person has.

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Oval Face Haircut

Oval Face Haircut

The men who have an oval face shape are the lucky ones. This face shape can handle most hairstyles thankfully! It can be a new hair style for men. But only on one occasion, you should try to never give yourself long fringes as this could make your face look more round.

Make sure to choose a haircut based on what features you want to highlight in your face. If you want to show off your sharp and masculine features then it’s best to add angle and volume to your hair.

Round Face Haircut

Adding sharp angles and volume will be great for any round face. The sides of your hair should be shorter and the top should be longer in order to make your face look longer.

You can also do a side part so that your face can look longer as well. Don’t give into any buzzcuts or fringe looks as this only makes your face look rounder.

Oblong Face Haircut

Oblong Face Haircut

If you have an oblong face you should refrain from getting haircuts that are short or tight on the side. Most haircuts do end up working out.

You’ll want to make sure to have layers on top and a longer look on the sides. If you wear your hair down it could also make your face look round and short.

Square and Diamond Face Haircut

Square faces are one of the most perfect face shapes for men because it works with sharp and angled styles. It will totally bring out the true masculine look. Buzzcuts undercuts and fades all appear stylish on square faces. It can be a new hair style for men.

The Diamond face on the other hand looks good with short hair on the sides and long on top. You cannot go wrong with an undercut or fade hairstyle if you have a diamond face. A visit to a new salon can help you get the look you want and need.

The Benefits of a New Hair Style for Men

The Benefits of a New Hair Style for Men

By reading this article you should now know what type of new hair style for men you should rock based on your face shape! From oval faces to diamond faces there are many options to choose from when changing your hair!

Make sure that whatever hairstyle you end up going with you wear it with class and confidence. No haircut choice is wrong because it is a form of self-expression.

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