Did you know that 75 % of women dye their hair? If you want to change up your hair color, we can help about how to pick a haircolor.

Are you wondering how to pick a haircolor that suits you and your style? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to find the perfect color.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out how to pick a haircolor trends.

What Is Your Skin Tone?

Before picking a hair color, you want to determine if you have a warm or cool skin tone. Warm skin tones tend to fall into either the summer or autumn category. Cool skin tones will fall into either the spring or winter category.

Skin undertone gets determined by three elements: melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin. Skin overtone will change based on illness, blood pressure, or sun exposure hair style.

Characteristic of Winter Type Skin Tone

Some characteristics you can find with a winter skin tone are as follows:

  • You have fair and light skin.
  • There are pink undertones in your skin.
  • Your eye color is green, blue, emerald, dark blue, or dark brown.
  • You don’t have hazel colored eyes.
  • You don’t tan well.
  • You have dark or black hair.

For this category, you could try a hair color with a violet, violet-red, or blue base. Consider getting jewel-toned tresses, or jet black hair.

You could also try a dark brown or platinum blonde. Some people prefer to get a dark violet-red to bring out their green eyes. Try to avoid copper red, caramel, or golden blonde dye.

Characteristic of Spring Type skin Tone

Here are the characteristics someone with a spring skin tone might have:

  • Fair skin with either a yellow or pink undertone.
  • Your eye color is light green, light blue, or a lighter hazel-brown color.
  • You aren’t a spring-type if you have a darker eye color.
  • You tan easier than a winter tone person.
  • Your hair is super blonde or ash-blond.

In this category, try out colors with a blue, violet, or green base. You could dye your hair ashy blonde, ashy brown, platinum blonde, or icy blonde.

Avoid any colors with a golden or orange base. Don’t dye your hair honey blonde or golden brown.

Characteristic of Autumn Type Skin Tone

Here are the characteristics someone with an autumn skin tone might have:

  • Your eye color is hazel green or golden brown.
  • Your eyes aren’t a bright jewel tone.
  • You have glowing skin.
  • Your hair is a natural dark brown.
  • If you were born with blonde hair, you aren’t an autumn type.
  • You tan well and have an olive-based tone.
  • You might have pale skin with an olive base.

Consider colors with a red undertone or orange base. These colors could include auburn, copper tones, chocolate brown, or golden brown. You could also try a golden blonde, honey blonde, or beige blonde.

Avoid ash brown, platinum blonde, or anything with a green, blue, or violet undertone.

Characteristic of Summer Type Skin Tone

Here are the characteristics of someone who is a summer type:

  • You have olive, golden skin.
  • You tan well, and it turns bronze.
  • Your eye color could be any color.
  • Most summer types do have hazel-colored eyes.

Consider colors with an orange or yellow base. You could try toffee, honey platinum, champagne blonde, or a golden blonde. Light colors work well.

Try to avoid any blue or green bases, or ashy tones. Don’t dye your hair black.

How Old Are You?

Depending on your age, you’ll want to consider a different hair color. For example, as women age, they might want to try a darker color instead of a lighter one.

A light blonde color will wash out your face, even if your skin tone is the perfect match. Your skin imperfections and wrinkles could get highlighted.

The older you get, try a softer look. If you’re still quite young, go for the brighter colors.

What Do You Want?

Is there a hair color you’ve always wanted to try out? Do you think there’s a specific color that suits your personality? Are you afraid to try it out because you wonder if people will judge you?

Don’t let others’ opinions keep you from choosing a hair color you’ve always wanted to try.

If you want to dye your hair a specific color, then go for how to pick a haircolor . Hair color helps people feel like themselves.

Consider Different Hair Coloring Techniques

Now that you know more about skin types, think about your personality. Would you rather blend in with the crowd, or do you like to get noticed?

Consider different highlighting techniques. Try a balayage service. You’ll get softer and natural-looking highlights that will blend in your hair.

How to Pick a HairColor?

The colorist will paint on hair color or bleach on the top of your hair. The entire section doesn’t get saturated with the dye.

With the ombre hair technique, your root hair color will fade to a lighter tint at the ends. You could go for a blonde dye.

You could also ask your colorist to darken your natural shade at your roots for a dramatic look. Learn the answer to how often should you color your hair.

Now You Know How to Pick a HairColor

We hope this guide on how to pick a haircolor and skin tone was helpful. Now that you know how to pick a hair color, think about your style and skin type. These two things will help you choose the perfect color.

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