The mobile phone case industry will be worth $35.5 billion by 2025. In recent years, the style of phone cases has become an important factor.

Do you spend time deciding which pattern you like the most? Or perhaps you can’t find a design in the brand you want.

If so, it’s time to consider painting a phone case. Of course, it is daunting to start. But you’ll design something unique with our phone case painting advice. So read on to learn how to paint a phone case and let your inner child go wild.

Prepare Your Case

Prepare Your Case

Traditional transparent cases are the easiest to paint, and silicone cases suit oil-based paints. You can also use unbreakable cases for your design. Discover more about indestructible cases before deciding which is best for you.

Once you’ve chosen your case, lay down sheets of newspaper on a flat surface. Next, cleanse the case with rubbing alcohol on cotton pads and buds. It will remove the grease and make it easier to paint.

Then, follow our phone case painting tips and cover the areas you will decorate with an oil-based primer. Doing so will make the colors of your design appear more vibrant.

How to Paint a Phone Case

There are a variety of options to paint a phone case. Each one will add a distinct vibe and is suitable for different designs. You could paint a case to match each of your favorite outfits.

Acrylic Paints

The secret of how to paint a phone case with acrylic paints is to start with mid-tone colors. Then use a darker or lighter tone for detailing.

Acrylic paints work best for the base or one-block colors. A thin layer of acrylic paint will take 30 minutes to dry, and thicker blocks will take two hours.

Paint Pens

Paint Pens

Acrylic paint pens will darken as they dry. However, oil-based paint pens will dry the same color as first applied.

Each tip is spring-loaded, so start pumping on scrap paper before applying it to your case. Paint pens will be touch-dry within five minutes, but you should wait 24 hours before using a sealant.

Puffy Paints

Puffy paints are sold in tubes with a small nozzle for intricate designs. As the paint dries over four hours, it will form a raised edge. We often see mandala and polka dots designs with puffy paint.

There are many colors available to create a rainbow effect on your phone case. It’s a perfect summer update.

Your phone case design is a chance to show your personality. There are also popular trends for this year for you to try. Here are the top ones:

  • Mandalas
  • Wildflowers
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Cute Icons (think avocados, eggs, and smiley faces)
  • Inspirational Quotes

Let Your Personality Shine

Your Personality

Be the most stylish person on the street with your personalized phone case. This phone case painting guide has provided you with the insider information you need to get started on this fun and creative painting project.

Now you know how to paint a phone case, so if that’s got your creative juices flowing, don’t stop. Check out our other DIY projects and blogs online.

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