Being a student is all fun and games until it is the time to pack and move to a new place for studies or anything else. However, as compared to a family move out, a student faces less trouble in this regard.

Suppose you are a student living in or anywhere near Brighton. In that case, it is better to opt for a less expensive self-storage in Brighton instead of a student storage London option. However, if you are going with the former option, you might need to invest some time and effort into packing your stuff.

Whether you have opted for a self-storage in Brighton or a student storage London, the hurdles concerning the process of packing do not change at all. In any case, since all the items belong to you, packing everything properly should be given adequate attention.

Storage pick-up is always an option, but packing your things yourself in the best way possible would be an option worth looking at. However, packing can be a hectic thing if you are not following proper guidelines and making use of some valuable tips and tricks.

Packing requires effort as well as a considerable chunk of your free time. But if you are willing to put some thought into the packing process, it will not take you much longer.

Below given are some valuable tips for students on how to pack their stuff instead of shelling extra money on the storage pick-up service. These are to definitely keep in mind if you have chosen a self-storage in Brighton service or a student storage London for keeping your stuff.

Guide to pack for self-storage

Preparation steps

Preparation Steps

So, if you have opted for self-storage in Brighton, you might want to pack your stuff yourself making the best out of a few guidelines given below. There are no hard and fast rules for packing; however, you need to start gathering the materials required to pack items.

These materials include but are not limited to bubble wrap sheets, small and large-sized boxes, duct tape, a marker to label the boxes, sticky notes, and other protective coverings you might deem needed. The use of plastic bags is not recommended as moisture gathered inside can lead to fungi development.

Make sure that everything you are buying is of good quality. Investing in horrible quality stuff will make your packing a painful task and cost you some money if anything gets damaged.

Important steps during packing

Important steps during packing

For self-storage in Brighton, these tips will help you pack your stuff in an efficient manner to avoid any kind of loss or damage to your belongings.

It is usually recommended to use boxes of similar sizes or shapes. It will make the process of stacking a bit easier, and such packages quickly come on top of each other, saving you some self-storage space.

When filling the boxes with your belongings, try to put similar things in one package. That way, you will be able to find all the books, pottery, or your clothes easily when needed. In addition to that, just use the sticky notes and marker you bought and write the box’s name on any side.

Another thing to do while filling out boxes is trying to fill them up completely. The reason is that when you are stacking a load on top of them if they are not fully filled, they may crush under the heavy load. Filling them up completely will rule out chances of any such incident.

However, that does not necessarily mean that you have to overload the boxes. Just fill them up to their maximum capacity and do not overdo anything. The boxes are not made up of steel, and they are prone to damage if you fill them up more than their capacity.

Self-storage in Brighton or student storage in London does not come cheap. If you plan on putting some extra furniture in the self-storage, you might need to disassemble them to save space. If intact, they occupy much more space and are very hard to transport as well.

It is recommended to safely keep all the bolts and screws as the right ones are almost impossible to find if lost. You can keep them in some other safe place or place them inside any of the boxes your furniture is stored in.

When it comes to your utensils and clothes or any other thing you think fits the criteria, washing them before putting them in storage is highly recommended. Who knows how long you will be keeping them inside storage, and things could get much worse in the meantime.

Any delicate items such as plates or glasses should be placed in a vertical position to reduce their chances of breakage in case of any unfortunate scenario. If possible, wrap such items into a bubble wrap sheet for a layer of added protection. The box containing fragile items should be stored on top of all.

The air in Brighton is mildly humid. Electronic items stored in the self-storage in Brighton might need some extra care to prevent them from rust in this case. If you are storing electrical appliances such as electric iron, toaster, fans, etc., it is better to clean them first with a cloth.

After cleaning, wipe the metal surface with machine oil to protect them from rust. If not cleaned, they are vulnerable to rust by reacting with oxygen, and you certainly do not want that.

Tips for Storage

Tips for Storage

After you have packed everything in their respective boxes, the next step is storing them for easy storage pick up later. If you have found a self-storage in Brighton, you might be doing the loadings yourself.

When storing the items, place the least used ones at the back and the most used ones right at the front. They will be easy to get out if you need them anytime. Store boxes on either side of your storage space, keeping a narrow center path for easy access.

Whether you have opted for self-storage in Brighton or student storage London, do not stack the boxes directly on the floor. Moisture can penetrate inside and ruin your belongings. It is recommended to place a polythene sheet on the floor and stack everything on top of that.

Once again, keep the fragile items on top of every other thing but also not at a very high height as there is a risk of them falling down and breaking. Their ideal placement is undoubtedly going to be a challenge.

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