In 2018, there were a staggering 14.2 million cruise passengers from North America. If you’ve yet to embark on a cruise, there’s a lot to think about: which line is right for you, where should you go, how to pack for a cruise, and what should you do while onboard?

Yet there’s a simpler and more immediate problem for the newcomer to cruising: how to pack for a cruise. Pack for a cruise involves negotiating strict baggage limits while still packing all that you need.

Read on to find out how to strike that balance with poise and finesse!

1. Think About the Essentials

Think About the Essentials

When you booked your cruise, you probably looked at an overview of the trip before making your decision. You need to create an overview of the luggage situation too, which starts with the essentials.

For instance, you’ll need to pack a passport, clean underwear, toiletries, any essential electronics and their chargers, and your tickets. Once you’ve got these items to pack for a cruise, it’s time to start on the other stuff.

2. Pack Essential Items in Carry-on if Possible

Getting your suitcases from the hold to your cabin can take some time. If you want to take a dip in the pool or need to take some medication, you don’t want to be waiting for these essential items. Pack them into your carry-on bags and then you’ll have them as soon as you need them!

Make sure that you check your checked luggage before locking it up and ensure you have what you need!

3. Pack Toiletries With Care

Now, you might be wondering why you need to pack toiletries at all. Surely the cruise line will provide you with everything you need?

While it’s true that your cabin will come with essentials like soap and shampoo, the selection will be pretty limited. If you have a brand that you love using, throw a bottle into your luggage.

4. Think About Where You’re Going

When it comes to clothing choices, think about the climate of your destination. While you might be embarking in New York where it’s chilly, if you’re heading to the Bahamas, don’t stuff your suitcase with sweaters. If you’re getting on in Miami before going to Canada, the inverse is true!

5. Use Other Containers to Maximize Space

Use Other Containers to Maximize Space

If you’re taking a phone charger, having it dangling all over your suitcase increases its likelihood of getting damaged and also takes up more space in your case. Consider repurposing old Tupperware or a pencil case and putting all your cables in there!

This kind of thinking makes the most out of limited space and minimizes the chance of anything getting lost or damaged!

How to Pack for a Cruise: Make the Most of Your Space

Knowing how to pack for a cruise can be tricky. You only have limited space, so think wisely and pack with ingenuity. Use smaller containers, pack essentials into your carry-on, and think about your destination!

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