Dental anxiety impacts multiple people. In fact, in America alone, up to 20 percent of citizens have a fear of the dentist and admit to avoiding oral health appointments out of this deeply rooted fear.

If this sounds like you, the first step in overcoming dental anxiety is realizing that you are not alone in this unease that you’re experiencing.

While having a dental phobia leaves people stricken with panic and overridden by terror, it is possible to win the battle of facing your fear. Interested in learning how to do so? Keep reading for a step-by-step guide.

Search for Phobia-Accepting Dentists

Fear of the Dentist: How to Overcome Your Dental Anxiety and Phobias

Just because you may have a dental phobia, it doesn’t mean that you are prohibited from receiving proper, appropriate care suited to meet your needs.

Qualities to look for in dentists who cater to oral health fears include:

  • Fantastic reviews from past and present patients
  • A comfortable, relaxing office environment
  • Simple, easy-to-understand answers to even the most complex of your questions
  • A staff that is welcoming, friendly, and supportive of your needs
  • Personalized dental care

You should consider these qualities when searching for an oral hygienist that works with patients who have dental anxiety. It will make a big difference in overcoming that fear!

Learn About Dental Procedures

how often to go to the dentist

It’s common to have an intense phobia centered around dental procedures. With a fear of the dentist, you may be Googling questions like, “Do tooth extractions hurt?”.

Many people automatically assume that yes, tooth extractions hurt. But, some people make this assumption strictly based on the idea that a tooth is being extracted.

This is why it’s so important to learn about dental procedures before allowing anxiety to overrule. In reality, the answer is simple: pain levels, no matter the procedure, vary for each individual person. We all experience and tolerate pain in different ways, even if we receive the same surgery.

Educating yourself on what procedure you may be receiving can help reduce your fear of the dentist. The more you know, the better prepared you will find yourself!

Consider Bringing a Person of Support

Dental Procedures for Kids

In times of fear and doubt, friends are usually the ones to offer us the emotional support we didn’t know we needed at that moment. That’s why bringing a friend, family member, or someone known to support you during stressful moments to the dentist is a great idea.

Not only can they provide emotional advice, but they can distract you through laughter or other mood-boosting techniques if that’s what you prefer.

Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

You deserve to smile and to smile with pride. By learning about what dental procedures you may be facing, bringing someone to support you, and searching for a provider that will care for you based on your anxiety, your fear of the dentist is sure to dwindle.

And remember – it’s okay to ask questions to your dentist and learn as much as you can.

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