Around 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, which explains why nativity plays are so popular.

Producing a nativity play is a fantastic way to introduce little ones to performing, lets you reenact Jesus’s birth, and strengthens your faith. Although producing a nativity play feels overwhelming, once you know the basics, it’ll run smoothly. Perhaps you’re currently on the fence about organizing a nativity play but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s how to organize a nativity play.

Arrange Your Cast

Arrange Your Cast

You’ve answered the children’s question “what is a nativity play?”, so now it’s time to arrange the cast. Hold an audition to figure out which role suits each child best, but make it an enjoyable time rather than a nerve-wracking experience.

Although you have flexibility with character choice, most nativity plays have Mary, Joseph, and other animals in the stables like sheep or donkeys. Your play must also feature shepherds, angels, and three wise men who come bearing gifts. Again, make sure you have the nativity explained so kids understand why each character plays a significant role.

Book Dates

The next step for organizing a nativity play is booking the dates and sticking with them. You should also schedule rehearsal time beforehand so parents can base their schedule around them. Avoid making last-minute changes as it could frustrate your colleagues and parents.

Plan Every Rehearsal

One of the top nativity play tips is to plan every rehearsal. Have an overall aim for each session, whether it’s working on a section of the script or practicing the songs. You should always have an introduction and ending that involves the whole cast where you tell the little ones how well they’re doing.

Prepare Costumes

Prepare Costumes

Our nativity play guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning costumes. Brainstorm ideas with children so they can decide what they want their characters to be wearing. Then, once you have an idea, encourage everyone to bring costumes from home in advance so you can plan accordingly.

Create a Set

Every nativity play needs a jaw-dropping set to get everyone in the mood. Because of this, take the time to browse nativity sets and choose the best option for your play. Make sure you consider how easy installation is and if it aligns with your budget.

Consider Stage Lighting

If you’re performing during the day, then you needn’t worry about stage lighting. But evening performances need special lights so their audience can see the play unfold. Luckily, you needn’t spend a fortune, simply source suppliers from a local staging material retailer to get started.

Organize a Nativity Play Today

Organize a Nativity Play Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re ready to produce a nativity play.

Start by arranging your cast, create an unforgettable set, and book dates for the big day. You should also factor in stage lighting and plan costumes so your little ones look the part. Good luck with your venture!

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