Has it always been your dream to drive around in a luxury ride like a Ferrari every day?

If so, that’s one expensive dream to have! On average, Ferraris sell for somewhere between $200,000 and $300,000 in most casesβ€”with some selling for a whole lot more than that.

Unfortunately, most people can’t afford to pay anywhere close to that for a car. As a result, they don’t think they’ll ever get the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, even just for a test drive.

But if you’re hellbent on driving a luxury car one day, there are some pretty easy ways that you can go about doing it. You might not ever get the chance to own a car like a Ferrari, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience what driving one is like.

Check out several of the ways that you can take a Ferrari or another luxury ride for a spin sometime soon below.

Test Drive a Luxury Ride at a Dealership

uninsured driver driving an insured car

Do you happen to live in the general vicinity of a dealership that specializes in selling luxury cars?

It’s not always easy to track these kinds of dealerships down. But if you’re able to do it, it’s one of the simplest ways to take a luxury ride out for a drive without paying a single cent for it.

If you want to drive, say, a Ferrari, you can find Ferrari dealerships scattered throughout the country. They’re not as prevalent as Ford or Chevrolet dealerships, but most states have at least one or two of them.

You can then take a trip to the Ferrari dealership closest to you, show some interest in buying a Ferrari, and take one out for a spin. Most dealers will be happy to let you test drive luxury automobiles if they think you’re going to buy one.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to seem like someone who is genuinely interested in buying a luxury car as opposed to someone who just wants to test drive one to say they did it.

You can make it appear as though you’re interested in buying a Ferrari by:

  • Researching the Ferrari that you want to test drive ahead of time and asking specific questions about it
  • Arriving for your test drive in a nice car that shows you have impeccable taste in vehicles
  • Wearing clothing that makes you look like someone who can afford to purchase a Ferrari

As long as you follow these steps, you shouldn’t have too much trouble convincing a Ferrari dealer to toss you the keys to one of their cars.

Rent a Luxury Ride Through a Rental Company

test drive

Test driving a luxury ride like a Ferrari at a dealership is the easiest way to drive a pricey vehicle without paying any money.

But the problem with taking that approach is that you won’t get to drive the car for very long. You’ll also have to drive it around with a salesman sitting next to you and talking your ear off the whole time.

You can avoid these things by choosing to rent a Ferrari from a rental company instead. Ordinary car rental companies don’t have Ferraris sitting around on their lots. But there are rental companies out there that specialize in renting out luxury automobiles.

You’ll often find these types of rental companies in larger cities like Los Angeles. Whether you want to rent one to drive it to a special event or to blow off some steam on a Saturday afternoon, you’ll love how convenient it is to obtain one for any occasion.

Drive a Luxury Ride Around on a Racetrack

When you climb into the driver’s seat in a luxury ride, you don’t just want to drive it around while doing the speed limit. You want to push it to the limit and see what you can do with it when you put the pedal to the metal.

It won’t be possible to do this during a test drive since you’ll need to be extra careful with the car you’re driving. It also won’t always be possible while renting a luxury car since you’ll need to follow the rules of the road.

But you can open up a luxury ride and show what it can do while driving it around on a racetrack. And luckily, there are plenty of racetracks throughout the country that are set up to allow people to drive luxury cars around on them.

Take a look around and see if there are any racetracks in your area that provide people with an opportunity to drive luxury cars at top speeds. These racetracks have become more and more popular in recent years with many popping up in places like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other big cities.

Consider Buying an Older Model Luxury Ride

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a good chance that you don’t fall in the right tax bracket to buy a brand-new luxury ride. You’ll need to devote hundreds of thousands of dollars to one to bring it home and park it in your driveway.

But you might be able to buy an older model luxury car if you’re willing to go that route. A Ferrari that was produced within the last six months might not fit into your budget, but one that was made 20 years ago could be a different story.

See if there are any older model luxury cars out there that you like. Your dream of owning one might be more realistic than you think.

Find a Way to Drive a Luxury Ride Today

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Just because you can’t afford to buy a luxury ride outright doesn’t mean you can’t ever drive one. There are so many ways to work your way behind the wheel of a luxury car like a Ferrari.

Try out some of the things that we suggested here to see how simple it can be to drive a luxury car. You can check an item off your bucket list without spending a small fortune in the process.

Browse through the other articles on our blog to read more on luxury cars.

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