Do you want to start a PDF file merge on your old (or new) Windows computer?

Although you can find many Windows users around you, finding good tutorials can be tricky. For example, there are only a few Windows tutorials about merging PDFs.

Thus, we created a tutorial on merging two PDF files. Continue reading to find out how to merge two PDF files on Windows.

1. Open Adobe Acrobat DC

Open Adobe Acrobat DC

Let’s start with Windows 10, one of the most popular Windows OS versions in use today. In this method, you’re going to use Windows 10 together with Adobe Acrobat DC.

Start by opening Adobe Acrobat DC on your Windows 10 PC. Next, go to Tools, and then click on Create & Edit. Under Combine Files, look and click for the Open button.

Acrobat will bring you to the Combine Files workspace. Here, you add, rearrange, and merge files into one PDF file. You can also add other file types like images, documents, and more.

2. Add Your Files to the PDF

Add Your Files to the PDF

Add the files you want to include in the newly merged file by dragging and dropping. You can also click on Add Files instead if you prefer picking them through a dialog box. You can even add folders, webpages, or you can paste from the Clipboard.

You may feel more comfortable using the C# create PDF process if you’re programming. Yet, for non-programmers, this is the easiest way to merge two PDF files on Windows. Also, since Windows doesn’t have a built-in PDF merging tool, you’d have to use third-party apps like Adobe Acrobat DC.

3. Arrange the Pages on the PDF File and Save

How to Edit PDFs

The next step in learning how to merge two PDF files on Windows is to arrange them.

Still using the Combine Files workspace, arrange the files on how you want them to appear in the merged PDF. Drag and drop the files on the Combine Files workspace to arrange them. Next, click on Combine or press Shift+Control+I when you’re ready to merge them.

Don’t forget to save the PDF document in the local storage with the Control+S command. You can save the file on the Adobe Document Cloud with Shift+Control+W.

Finally, rename the merged PDF file and choose a save location.

4. More PDF File Merging Tips

More PDF File Merging Tips

Now, you know the best method to merge two PDF files as a Windows user. Here are other tips and ways of creating a new PDF file by combining other PDF files.

With at least 100 million users, we can’t ignore Windows 7 and other Windows versions. Now, you’ll wonder how you’ll merge PDF files on other Windows operating systems.

The answer is to use other third-party apps that these Windows OS versions can read. You can find a lot of other PDF mergers online, including PDFsam and PDF Combine.

Learn How to Merge Two PDF Files on Windows Today

Merging two or more PDF files can be necessary at work or school. For others, joining PDF files also allows better file organization and management. With that said, we hope you learned something helpful in our guide on how to merge two PDF files on Windows.

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