Are you drinking too much and is it impacting on aspects of your life? If so, you need to cut down or stop and here’s how to manage to do so.

Here are the 9 tips

– Stay On Track

It is very easy to forget how much you have had to drink, yet a hangover the next day is a harsh reminder. It really does help to make sure you are keeping track of how many drinks you have had. Today there are tons of apps you can download onto your Smartphone that can give you updates when you are out for the evening. If you are drinking at home, make sure you measure your wine or spirits. It is easy to lose track of the amount you have had to drink when you or someone else is constantly topping up your glass while you are watching TV or eating a meal.

– Reduce Your Drinks

This may sound easy, but there are many people that usually go for large drinks. For example, ask for a smaller wine glass, or swap your beer for a shandy or a half-pint rather than a full pint. Try to savor your drinks, by enjoying the flavors. This will make sure your drinks last longer and you will be less prone to ordering more.

– Check The Alcohol Content In Your Drinks

According to Dr. Vikram Tarugu MD, the CEO of Detox of south Florida alcoholic beverages vary drastically when it comes to the amount of alcohol that each contains. You may be surprised to know that there are a few wines that really push the limits when it comes to alcohol levels, and many of the popular craft beers also contain higher alcohol levels. Find about the alcohol content in the drinks you prefer, and maybe experiment with non-alcoholic or low alcohol alternatives. Some of the non-alcoholic beers taste extremely similar to the alcoholic versions, and many restaurants and bars now offer a variety of non-alcoholic choices.

– Adopt A Few Drink-Free Days

In addition to limiting the units of alcohol that you drink in a week, you should also be aiming for at least 2 to 3 days where you don’t drink at all in a week. When you are trying to lower your alcohol consumption, introducing drink-free days is an easy way to achieve these goals. Set a target and stick to it. You may want to reward yourself, by going to the spa or seeing a movie with friends.

– Make A Few Changes

If you spend a lot of your time eating out or visiting bars and pubs, try a new activity to break the drinking cycle.

Start attending exercise classes or try out a sport where you can start socializing with others. Swap out your pub lunches for a picnic with your kids. Start cooking meals at home rather than eating out which will help to lower the temptation to order drinks.

Stay away from people or places that encourage the urge to drink.

– Keep Your Home Alcohol Free

Rather than having a bar at home that is stocked up with all the drinks that you love, limit drinking to only when you leave home to go out. This will help you to break the habit of drinking very quickly. If you hate soft drinks, maybe try out a few interesting non-alcoholic cocktails. Here are a few ideas of fun mocktails to help you get started.

– Fight The Craving

If you find that you are craving an ice-cold beer or your favorite red or white wine, think about why you have decided to limit your alcohol intake. You may want to write down a list and keep it with you to remind you. A craving or urge will pass, just make sure you ride these feelings out and you will reach your goals. Take tips from our Behavior Change Advisor to assist you with how to remain sober when going out for an evening.

– Stick To Your Promises

If you find that your friends are trying to pressurize you into drinking, stick to your goal. You will find that the more you are able to refuse their requests, the less they will ask. If you have cut down, you may want to switch to soft drinks between drinks, to make sure you don’t drink too much when you are out and about.

– Join Up With Your Partner Or A Friend

It will be far easier to cut down when you have committed to these goals with your partner or a friend. You can lean on each other for support, which will help you to beat any cravings.

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