The global interior design industry is worth $121 billion. You don’t have to break the bank to make your room cozy, though. Instead, learn how to make your room look aesthetic this year.

Want to make your room Instagram-worthy? Start upgrading your style with aesthetic room decor. With these tips, you can make your room look cool without blowing through your budget.

Get ready to impress anyone who enters your room! Make your room cozy and chic with these tips today.

1. Create an Accent Wall

living room

For the past decade, white has been considered one of the most popular colors. If you want to keep your aesthetic room decor minimalistic, go with white. Otherwise, consider giving your room a pop of color with an accent wall.

An accent wall can help draw the eyes while giving your room a little more depth. Consider a fun pop of color to brighten up the entire room.

Thinking about creating an ombre wall? You can find more on a ombre wallpaper here.

Otherwise, experiment with a neutral like pale pink.

2. Consider Scents

As you use these aesthetic room ideas, consider teasing each of the five senses. For example, you might want to consider different scents for your room.

Grab an oil diffuser and experiment with different essential oils. For example, you can try lavender or eucalyptus.

3. Play With Textures

You can also experiment with aesthetic room decor by playing with different textures. Multiple textures can help the space feel elevated. For example, you can start with quilted bedding.

Consider adding a fuzzy pillow or rug to the room, too.

You can also create a stunning, exposed brick wall for your accent wall. The faux texture can add more depth to the room.

4. Create Collage

As you learn how to make your room look aesthetic, head online to start gathering inspiration. Keep an eye out for eye-catching imagery on Pinterest. Then, print out the images you love to create your own collage.

Creating a collage is an easy, budget-friendly way to make a space your own!

Try to stick to a single color scheme. It can help your collage look sleek. You’ll have an easier time blending the collage with these other aesthetic room ideas, too.

5. Pick Plants

Pick Plants

Want to show off your green thumb? Consider adding more plant life to your room. You can start by adding planted pots to your window sill.

Otherwise, use your shelving or hang a few plants from the ceiling!

If you’re not a fan of real plants (or can’t keep them alive), consider using faux vines and string lights instead.

6. Add Sparkle

Brighten up the entire room with string lights. String lights can help your room dazzle. They’re also a fun way to help the room shine.

How to Make Your Room Look Aesthetic: 6 Design Tips for Success

Room Look Aesthetic

Learn how to make your room look aesthetic and Insta-worthy this year! Get started by using these stunning aesthetic room ideas. Otherwise, play with the inspiration you find online.

Using these tips will help make your room cozy year-round.

Searching for more tips? You’re in the right place.

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