When you take part in a race, you want the horse to appear his absolute best. Getting the horse ready can be a huge task right from trimming, bathing, polishing to plaiting. Take a look at the top tips that you need to follow to make the horse race ready.

  • Daily Care- A daily grooming regime is a must to make the horse appear fabulous. Begin by rubbing the horse all over using a curry comb made of rubber for loosening the hair, dirt, and scurf. It is also an excellent means of removing mud and dried sweat. A grooming mitt is flexible and will perfectly fit around the contours of a horse’s body. You can also wrap it around the legs of the horse for giving it a wonderful rub down. While rubbing the horse pay attention to the body to check for changes if any such as warm areas, bumps, lumps or cuts. Hot cloth the horse for lifting out the dirt and loose hair. In a bucket of hot water add some antibacterial solution, dip a cloth in it, wring it and rub this all over the body of the horse and allow the coat to dry.
  • Trimming Methods- While grooming the horse check the horse regularly to see if he is fuzzy. When you have some extra time take the scissors and trimmers to smarten him up. The main areas that you need to trim are as follows- bridle path, jawline, ears, whiskers, legs, tail and mane.
  • Pre-show Preparation- When the coat of the horse is gleaming from the usual routine, your horse may not require a bath yet if it does then get it done a few days before the race to give time for its natural shine to return. Just a day before the race wash the horse’s tail, put a detangler and allow this to dry overnight without brushing it through. Brush from the lower part of the tail working up and teasing out the knots gently. Plait the horse on the day of the race. While plaiting do not use hoof oil as it will collect dirt and dust that can appear messier compared to unoiled hooves, hence pick one which is not sticky. Applying a bandage is essential to ensure that it fits well. Make sure that the bandage is put by the same person else the pressure may change.
  • Competition Aftercare- The legs of the horse take the maximum strain in the race for instance in Delta Downs hence the aftercare will chiefly focus to keep it in good shape. There are a couple of things that you need to follow. Wash the mud and the arena surface to avoid sores and rubs as this can cause a lot of soreness and irritation under the boots. Thoroughly dry the legs using a towel to cut down the danger of infection and damage on the skin like mud fever. In case the horse has run on a hard ground apply on its legs a cooling product to help it recover. If the horse wears bandages or boots, put talc underneath to help protect the horse’s legs from rubs.

Follow these tips and make your horse race ready easily.

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