There are currently more than 100 million Mac computers being used in the world today. While Macs might not be the most popular computers in the world, there’s no denying that their meteoric rise is nothing but historic.

Get the proper guide about how to make mac run faster and must know Mac maintenance tips. More and more people seem to be turning to Apple computers with each passing year.

How to Make Mac Run Faster?

But even though Macs perform very well, they can still be improved upon. If you use your Mac for long enough, you’ll notice that it will get slower and slower over time. Eventually, you’ll find your self trying to understand how to make your Mac run faster.

Luckily, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Interested in learning more? Then continue reading and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know how to make mac run faster!

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Free Up Storage Space

One of the best ways that you can speed up your Mac is by doing some cleanup. The more filled up the solid-space drive becomes, the slower the computer is going to be how to make mac run faster.

If your computer is nearing full capacity, then you can click the Manage button.

That button can be found when you click on the Apple logo, then go to About this Mac, and click on the Storage tab. After you click Manage, you’ll be presented with four recommendations in order to free up storage space.

The first option is going to ask you to offload files and documents to your iCloud. You can transfer all of the items stored on the Documents and Desktop folders of your computer to the cloud.

You May Put Your Files in iCloud

You can also store your full-resolution photos in iCloud and then keep copies that are smaller on your Mac. This will save you space but still allow you to access and browse your photos offline.

The next option will let you optimize your store for the Apple TV application. It does this by getting rid of tv shows and movies that you’ve already seen.

The third recommendation will automatically clean out the recycle bin. Anything that’s been in the bin for more than thirty days will be removed.

The final option is known as Reduce Clutter. It lets you review large apps, downloads, and files and you can manually delete the ones that you don’t want anymore.

Stop Apps from Opening at Startup

If your computer is taking a long time to restart, then the issue could be due to the fact that there are too many apps opening at startup. And there’s a good chance that you never made that decision yourself. Some apps just do that by default.

Knowing how to stop apps from opening on startup Mac can greatly help with speeding up your computer.

One way is to go to the Users & Groups section under Systems Preferences. Then go to the Login Items tab and you’ll see a list of applications that open at startup.

You can highlight the applications that you don’t want to open during startup and then click the minus sing to get rid of them.

Use Disk Utility

There’s a good chance that the apps that you’re using have a lot of extraneous information on them that’s also taking up space. Whenever you install an application onto your computer, that app comes with a package of files. That package also includes permissions that tell your computer what the files can do.

As time goes on, the permissions can change. This can lead to your Mac crashing, freezing, or slowing down. In order to repair these disk permissions, you have to essentially shuffle the permissions so that they’ll go back to the proper areas.

Manage Operating System

Your operating system comes with an app called Disk Utility that’s designed to help with this issue. It can also help you fix problems with startup processes and disk partitions.

You’ll have to start your computer in recovery mode and then follow the instructions that you get from Apple Support.

Clean Up Your Apps

If your Mac is getting too hot and slowing down constantly when you’re using multiple apps, you can check and see which apps are taking up the most energy. Search for your Activity Monitor by using Spotlight.

When you click on Activity Monitor, you’ll be able to see the amount of memory and CPU that each application is using up. If you’re a user of Chrome, you’ll probably notice that Chrome is taking up a whole lot more space and energy than a browser like Safari.

Keep Current with macOS

Apple continues to release new and free versions of macOS. These new versions usually come with enhancements to performance and improvements to security. By making sure that your Mac updates itself automatically, you’ll be able to keep your Mac running securely and smoothly.

You can set this by going to Software Update under your System Preferences. Then just click on Automatically Keep My Mac Up to Date.

The Importance of Knowing How to Make Your Mac Run Faster

We rely on our Macs for everything these days. Whether it’s to maintain our social, personal, or work lives, we need these computers to work. And when our computers slow down, it can become how to make mac run faster incredibly.

But by knowing how to make your Mac run faster, you’ll be able to ensure that your computer runs smoothly and effectively for many years to come.

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