If you have been involved in a car accident where the other driver was at fault, you may not know what to do. You might be in a state of shock, or you simply haven’t been in such a situation to know what steps naturally come next.

Making a car accident claim in Florida can be reasonably straightforward, particularly if you request legal assistance. Follow these steps below to ensure the claims process can be as stress-free as possible.

Step 1: Report the Collision to the Police

Car Accidents

Before contacting a St. Petersburg car accident lawyer to assist with fighting for your right to compensation, report the collision to the local police. You may require their assistance at the scene of the accident, and their presence may make it easier when filing a claim.

Section 316.065, Florida Statutes also makes reporting an accident necessary if anyone has suffered injuries and property damage exceeds $500.

Step 2: Seek Medical Help

After sustaining injuries in a car accident, seeking medical help is essential. Medical professionals can identify and treat your injuries while also outlining likely recovery timelines and potential referrals for specialist help.

Along with assisting you with any injuries, medical professionals can document what has happened to you, which your lawyer may use as evidence when seeking compensation on your behalf.

Step 3: Contact Your Lawyer

After a Car Accident

Learning how to make an accident claim in Florida can be a stressful process, particularly as you likely wish to focus on healing from your injuries. At this point, you may like to contact a car accident attorney for help.

They can walk you through the claim filing steps, such as how to file with your insurance company and identify your entitlements regarding personal injury protection and property damage liability.

A lawyer can also help you collect information, resolve insurance company disputes, help settle out of court, organize expert witnesses, and assist with court proceedings.

Step 4: Gather Evidence

Having experienced lawyers on your side can provide much-needed relief as you navigate the sometimes daunting legal system. However, they will sometimes require your input regarding evidence collection.

At the accident site, take photos of the scene and get witnesses’ names and contact information. Having the other driver’s name, address, and insurance details are also crucial, along with medical and police reports detailing the events of the accident and the injuries you’ve sustained because of it.

This information may help strengthen your case and ensure you can cover the costs associated with time off work and healing from your injuries.

Step 5: Heal From Your Injuries

car accident injuries

Even while working with a car accident attorney to be compensated for your injuries, you also need to focus on your recovery. Meet with specialists who can provide you with helpful tools and advice, and eat healthy food that gives your body the necessary vitamins and minerals to recover.

Allow your lawyer to handle all the legal administration so that you can focus your efforts on getting your life back on track.


While you may have never been involved in an accident before, that doesn’t mean you are without help and support during the entire process. These necessary steps above may put you on the path to successfully navigating the legal system and being adequately compensated for your unfortunate car accident in Florida.

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