Are you looking to expand your reach with different marketing techniques? Commercials may catch consumer’s attention, but podcasts will hold on to it!

Leverage your brand with engaging audio content!

Read on to learn more about podcasts marketing

What Is Podcasts Marketing?

A podcast is a series of digital audio files that follow a specific topic or theme. Listeners can download them from the internet and subscribe to them.

Podcast advertising simply takes advantage of the space and time to put your brand out there and increase inbound leads.

Leveraging Podcasts Marketing

Podcasts do not magically draw leads. You need to learn how to use podcasts to your advantage.

Read on to learn how to use podcast advertising for growing your brand and check out this podcast guide for more helpful tips.

Choose The Right Brand Personality

What does your brand sound like? Your brand will take on the voice and personality of the person who delivers the podcasts.

You want somebody with an engaging tone of voice who speaks clearly so that listeners do not tune out. But, you also want a person who upholds the standard of your brand. Remember, people will associate their words, actions, and beliefs with your brand.

Theme It For Your Target Market And Brand Development

Choose a theme that will interest your brand’s target market and make sense for your product or service. For instance, sports talk will not bring in the right listeners for middle-aged women’s beauty products.

For the best results, you want a theme that entertains your specific market, stays relevant with the times and flows with your brand development, offers useful information, and raises important questions that will leave them coming back next time. The more they listen, the more they will recruit and the more exposure your brand gets.

Bring In Speakers Of Interest

Bring in guest speakers that appeal to your target market. You want speakers that add substance to your theme for that cast.

Switch up the type of authority you bring in each time. For one cast, you might want a doctor or scientist who can back your brand and provide interesting information on certain ingredients and then next week you might want to bring in an actor or comedian who loves your product.

Keep It Lightly Scripted

The podcast should follow an outline, but not a script. Consumer brand selection goes deeper than buying a quality product.

People want a brand they can trust. Raw, unfiltered realness in a podcast will help them feel more connected and in turn, the trust will grow.

Repurpose Your Podcast

You want to optimize exposure with podcast advertisements. To do this, repurpose your casts into blog posts!

This can help you reach a different sector of your target market. Write a short post about the topic and then lead them to the podcast itself to, in a sense, market your own marketing efforts!

Grow Your Brand

Podcasts marketing offers a number of advantages for growing your brand. Plus, it offers your consumers something in return for their loyalty.

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