It may be attractive. It could be a good match. However, this is not a guarantee that the jewelry is of high quality.

The issue then arises, how can one tell if a piece of jewelry is of high quality? There are numerous warning flags, and we’ll go over them today.

When Shopping For Jewelry, Keep An Eye Out For These Qualities

1. There Is No Glue Present

Jewelry Purchase

Having glue on your jewelry is a dead giveaway that it is of poor quality. Glue is never used in high-end jewelry. The glue simply can’t withstand the wear and tear of time to keep jewelry attached.

A luxury piece like a diamond or tanzanite ring, on the other hand, uses more complex fastening systems. Nowadays, prongs are the most common method used. These jewel attachments are metal prongs that secure the stones.

Glued jewelry is certain to break within a year or two after jewelry purchase. If you’re only paying a few hundred dollars, that might be reasonable. If you’ve already put down several hundred or a few thousand dollars, though, your investment has been disastrous.

2. The Diamond Wonโ€™t Have Perfect Flawlessness


Having a stone that is immaculate in every way is another red flag that you’re not getting good quality jewelry. It has no scratches or dents. Everything about it is flawless and easy to the touch.

Isn’t that a positive thing, you could be wondering? It’s not, though, so don’t think that. As you can see, genuine gems are exactly that. As far as minerals go, they’re rather a standard fare.

Because of this, they ought to be slightly flawed. The answer is no; it shouldn’t be too obvious. But if you look closely enough, you’ll find something about the jewel that makes it feel “genuine.”

Yes, a genuine gem is important. True gems not only last longer but also keep their luster throughout time. Therefore, they have an enduring property that synthetic stones lack.

3. It’s Supported By Certificates For Proof


The quality and provenance of high-end jewels are guaranteed by official paperwork. The jewelry in question is likely of low quality if no supporting materials are available. That is the simplest way to put it.

Therefore, it is important to inquire about certification paperwork when acquiring jewelry. You shouldn’t buy the jewelry if it wasn’t a gift.

Keep an eye out for fake IDs and other forms of identification. Spellcheck, check for grammatical errors, and watch out for odd fonts. The quality of the print work can also be a telltale sign of forged paperwork.

4. A Trustworthy Vendor Is Behind The Sale


The fact that the vendor has a good reputation is also an indication that the jewelry is of high quality. Someone with a solid reputation is unlikely to offer cheap jewelry. A seller’s reputation would be ruined if they did this, and it’s not worth the risk.

This means that you should do some research about the vendor online before making a jewelry purchase. You should be able to get a great deal of information on it if the seller is credible. It is essential that the jewelry store in question not only has its own website but also has received rave reviews from satisfied customers.

However, if there is little information on the seller online, you should be wary. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy from the merchant. To be safe, though, you should proceed with caution.


Most high-end jewelers today stamp their pieces with a signature logo. In other words, they permanently mark their jewelry with their name or insignia by etching it somewhere that won’t be seen when it’s worn. If it’s a ring, for instance, the emblem would be engraved on the inside of the shank.

As a result, it’s important to check for a brand name before purchasing jewelry. Be critical in your evaluation of this brand. It needs to be consistent with the hallmarks of the rest of the company’s jewelry.

Keep in mind that there are products out there with fake labels. To deceive customers, low-quality vendors may often affix counterfeit labels to their jewelry. The difference between real and fake may usually be spotted with a bit of extra study

6. Looks Like Fine Jewelry


Truth be told, it is usually possible to distinguish between cheap and high-quality jewelry with just a close inspection. In a nutshell, high-end jewelry just gives off a more polished air. Its angular features will be sharper and its rounder features will feel more refined.

Poorly made jewelry frequently has a mechanical appearance. Therefore, it seems okay when you’re not looking too closely, but terrible when you are. Just like your tanzanite jewelry looks way finer than the jewelry you bought from a flea market.

7. Decent Weight Of Its Attributes

diamond ring

When shopping for jewelry, good weight is the last thing to consider. High-quality jewelry tends to be heavier than cheap imitations. This is due to the fact that gold and silver are often heavier than pewter and bronze, which are often used to create fake jewelry.

The jewelry is most likely fake if it is too light and frail to be real. Alternatively, if it’s notably heavy, it’s probably of great quality.

You could benefit from having a professional jeweler inspect your jewelry before you buy it. They can help you verify its authenticity by weighing it.

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