While insurance providers tend to consider cosmetic procedures to be elective, that doesn’t mean every patient who requests one will be approved. Like other medical professionals, the surgeons who offer plastic surgery of any type focus on what’s the best for the patient overall. That sometimes means a patient is turned away.

If you’re thinking about having any type of cosmetic work done, keep the following in mind. If you qualify on all fronts, there’s a good chance that a surgeon will agree to do the work.

Facts That Matter In YourPlastic Surgery

Your General Health

Your General Health

One of the most important factors that surgeons will consider is the state of your health. The goal is to determine if there are any existing conditions that would make the procedure riskier for you. To that end, the surgeon will want to know about your medical history, any chronic conditions that may exist, and even the prescription and over the counter products, you currently take.

Keep in mind that having a chronic condition doesn’t automatically kill any chances of undergoing a cosmetic procedure. If your condition is well controlled and the risk to you is kept within a certain range, you may be approved. To ensure that there is no question, be completely honest with the surgeon. Doing so increases the odds that everything will go smoothly.

The Complexity of the Procedure

The Complexity of the Procedure

Some cosmetic procedures are simple to perform and require little time. Others are more complex and will take hours to complete. Based on your health, it’s possible that some simple procedure would be fine, but anything that meant you would be in surgery for hours is out of the question.

Remember that it’s not just the time in surgery that must be taken into account. Complex procedures often mean longer recuperative periods and a greater risk of complications like infections. If the surgeon is unwilling to perform the procedure you have in mind, an alternative that’s simpler and poses less risk may still be possible.

Your Expectations for the Outcome

Your Expectations for the Outcome

Plastic surgery can accomplish quite a bit, but there are limitations. That’s one point that the surgeon will make clear. Your job is to determine if your hopes for the procedure are in line with what the surgeon tells you to expect.

One of the great things about plastic surgery today is that surgeons have more resources that make it possible for patients to see the anticipated outcome. Look at those examples carefully and determine if they would do enough to please you. If so and everything else is in order, schedule a date for the procedure.

The Willingness to Follow the Surgeon’s Instructions

Assuming you’ve gotten this far, there’s one more hurdle to make. Committing to follow the surgeon’s instructions to the letter is imperative. Anything less could mean complications during the plastic surgery of Calgary facelift or while recovering.

Compliance begins with the preparation before the procedure. That includes knowing when to stop taking certain medications and other products, what to set up at home for the recovery period, and how to ensure you can get the rest and nutrition that the surgeon recommends. It will continue with specific instructions about what you can and can’t do during your recovery.

Remember that while a reputable cosmetic surgeon wants to help, the medical professional will not proceed to do plastic surgery unless you’re a good candidate. Schedule an exam and consultation today. You may find that everything is in order and the date can be set immediately.

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