Keeping lawns and gardens beautifully maintained is a rewarding experience and ensuring your MTD lawnmower is in excellent condition is a vital part of the process. Many people close the shed doors in the autumn and do not venture in there again until the first signs of spring. However, this time is a perfect opportunity for you to carry out some repairs and maintenance on your lawnmower, to make sure it is in tip-top condition ready for the gardening season to begin. Here are some maintenance tips that you can carry out over the winter months.

Why Carry Out Maintenance?

Lawnmower Maintained

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your MTD lawnmower running smoothly and prevent any complications during the spring and summer months. It helps to identify any issues or components that need replacing. All your replacement parts for MTD equipment are available here to buy and prepare your mower for a gardening period.

Component Maintenance

Maintenance can be separated into the maintenance of the internal workings, and general exterior maintenance. Here are some steps you can follow to ensure you’re the mechanical parts of your MTD mower are safely maintained.

Examine the Spark Plug

Disconnect and check the spark plug for any obvious signs of damage and wear and tear. If you see anything that could be an issue, replace it immediately. Once you’re happy with the condition, replace and reconnect the wire.

Change the Oil

You should change the oil of your MTD lawnmower after 50 hours of use and ideally before you store the machine away for the fall and winter. Changing the oil is important as heat and friction gradually break down the oil’s effectiveness at lubricating the moving parts. Failure to change the oil could result in premature engine wear.

Examine the Air Filter

Remove the air filter and clean it thoroughly before checking it for damage or signs of wear. Maintenance of the filter should be carried out every 100 hours, as dirt can accumulate and cause excessive use of petrol and drain the power quicker than usual. Make sure the filter is completely dry before replacing it.

Check the Blades


Check and sharpen the blades to ensure maximum efficiency. Ensure there are no cracks, chips or bends in the current blades that can cause issues further down the line and replace them if necessary.

Examine the Drive Belt

If your MTD machine has a drive belt, check to make sure it is still in good working order. If a replacement is necessary, make a note of the part number and order a new one. Make sure you order a genuine MTD part, as a non-original component may stretch and require another quick replacement. Complete any other maintenance of the MTD machine according to the model specifications.

General Maintenance

Once the internal maintenance is completed, it’s time to check the outside.

Examine the Grass Bag

Here, you’re looking for holes or tears in the grass bag that can reduce its effectiveness. It can be dangerous to use a machine with a faulty grass bag, so if any damage is found, replace the bag immediately.

Inspect the Discharge Chute

Ensure the discharge chute is clear of any grass or debris, cleaning out where required.

Check the Wheels

Maintained Lawnmower

Make sure the wheels are not damaged or bent in any way and there’s no excess wear and tear.

Inspect Cables, Handlebars and Operator Bar

Ensure all cables are connected and free from damage, the handlebars move freely and are not stiff or have excessive movement. Check for any kinks or cracks and ensure any service needed is done in an authorized center.

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