It’s not a big secret that our world has changed a lot during the last couple of years. And today, as of 2022, we are still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways.

Upon the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, rules and regulations regarding social distancing and masks were implemented nationwide, with many states implementing their own mandates as directed by federal officials. And this made traveling across state lines confusing at times.

Today, traveling cross-country still requires the awareness of regional regulations, because just as the government requires proof of vaccination for incoming non-residents via air travel, some states are requiring proof of vaccination simply to enter business establishments.

But travel safety also goes well beyond regulations in place for COVID-19. And any traveler should be up to date on safe travel practices.

If you’re doing any traveling in the near future, the following will provide a few factors to consider.

Know The Rules Of Your Intended Destination

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If you’re driving cross-country and plan on making a lot of stops, you really need to brush up on any local mandates or regulations that may be in place. And keep in mind that with new variants showing up in the population, regulations are continuously shifting.

As mentioned, many states still require masks. And some states are requiring proof of vaccination to attend certain events, or they’re requiring a negative COVID-19 test in some cases. So if you’re traveling, be sure that you’re able to comply with the regulations of the area prior to heading out.

For example, in states such as California, as of November 2021, LA county is requiring proof of vaccination for patrons to enter a variety of business establishments. So if you’re headed out to the golden coast, make sure you’re vaccinated.

Maintain Road Awareness

Maintain Road Awareness

The “new normal” might refer to our lifestyles during the COVID-19 pandemic. But another part of this modern age is the fact that we have a large number of people on the road distracted by smartphone use. And this can be a fatal combination.

It’s estimated that distracted driving causes about 3,000 deaths per year. And these accidents involve all types of motorists, including big trucks.

Being involved in a tractor-trailer collision is no laughing matter. In fact, these are the most deadly collisions on the roads today. As such, it’s imperative that you’re keeping road-aware and that you stay on the lookout for distracted drivers.

Additionally, giving big trucks plenty of space is the best method for staying safe on the road. Because on average, these trucks are hauling around 80,000 pounds. And this makes it extremely hard for a trucker to abruptly stop, or to dodge an accident.

Avoid Picking Up Hitchhikers

Avoid Picking Up Hitchhikers

As our world has changed a great deal, we also have a large number of transient individuals walking the roads. And many of these people are homeless due to rising costs of living.

Regardless, picking up a hitchhiker is illegal in several states, even though hitchhiking is considered legal in all but five states.

When you pick up a hitchhiker, you don’t know the person getting into the car with you at all. And in our current world, you also don’t know if the hitchhiker is infected with COVID-19 or not. And either way, you could be placing you or your family at risk by picking up a hitchhiker.

It may tug at your heartstrings to see someone walking the road all alone, but if you want to keep safe in the modern age, it’s best to avoid hitchhikers altogether.

The world may have changed a lot just in the last couple of years. But as the world changes, we have to adapt if we want to maintain the quality of life that we’ve been accustomed to. And even though it may seem like a hassle, staying safe actually takes minimal effort if you’re proactive.

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