The very first phone was invented in 1876. Ever since then, phones have become a very important part of our everyday lives, especially since they became mobile. Today, it can be hard to imagine even going a single day without your cell phone.

The problem that most phones have is that their screens break at the slightest bump or fall. If you are worried about your phone screen breaking, you might be wondering how you can protect it. Keep reading and learn more about what you should do below.

Get a Phone Case

Get a Phone Case Many people believe that phone cases are just a waste of money, but this isn’t at all true. On the contrary, phone cases can be a great boost of phone protection for your mobile device. But how can a phone case protect your screen if it only covers everything but the screen?

It all has to do with absorbing damage that your phone might sustain. For example, one of the most common reasons why your phone might break is dropping it. No matter how your phone lands on the ground, even if it lands on its back, there is still a good chance that you’ll end up with a cracked screen as a result.

This is because wherever your phone impacts the ground, the reverberations of that fall will travel throughout the entire phone. This is because a phone without a case will have nothing to absorb that shock. As a result, the reverberations will travel into the phone screen and crack it.

The Details

This happens because the phone screen is the most delicate part of the phone. However, if you get a phone case, you can avoid this problem. Phone cases are made of many different materials and come in many different styles, but they all serve the same purpose.

They will protect your phone by absorbing whatever damage your phone sustains. Whether you drop your phone or accidentally knock it against something hard, the phone case will be there to protect your case. Whatever hits your phone, the phone case will absorb those reverberations so that they won’t travel to the screen and crack it –Β shop cases here.

As a result, your phone screen should remain in great shape. The only thing you have to avoid is smashing your screen directly against anything. After all, even the highest-quality phone case won’t be able to protect your screen from that.

Try Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Try Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorsRegular phone cases will only be able to help protect your phone to a certain extent. While they can be very helpful, they won’t be able to do much if something makes an impact directly on your phone screen. Does that mean your screen is doomed to break if that happens?

Not necessarily. If you want to make sure your phone is as protected as possible, you should give tempered glass screen protectors a chance. You likely have seen screen protectors before, but you may have not seen screen protectors made of tempered glass.

This is because most ordinary screen protectors are not designed to protect your screen from damage. Instead, they are designed to keep your screen clean of fingerprints and smudges and to make your screen easier to clean.

Some ordinary screen protectors may be able to protect against light scratches from your fingernails or clothes, but they often can’t do much more than that and they certainly won’t be able to protect your screen against cracks.

What You Need to Know

However, if you get a screen protector made out of tempered glass, it’s a completely different story. This is because tempered glass is a very hard and durable material. Much like ordinary phone cases, tempered glass does a great job of absorbing damage and distributing it so that the damage doesn’t affect your phone’s screen.

All you need to do is apply the screen protector to your phone screen and you’ll be good to go. Even if you drop your phone on asphalt or concrete, a good-tempered glass protector will ensure that your phone stays in good shape. Of course, if your phone suffers severe damage, this protector might not be able to help such as if your phone is run over by a car.

But when it comes to ordinary, everyday damage, a tempered glass screen protector will be able to do a lot of good.

Try Pop Sockets

One of the main reasons why phone screens get cracked is because people drop their phones. Then, of course, you would need to go through all the trouble of getting a new screen and paying for a screen replacement. You can avoid this problem completely if you have a better grip on your phone.

You can accomplish this by getting a pop socket. A pop socket is a little nob that you apply to the back of your phone. It makes holding your phone much easier and it will reduce the risk of you dropping your phone.

You can also try textured phone cases if a pop socket isn’t your thing. Whatever the case, having a better grip on your phone will reduce the risk of you breaking your phone screen.

How to Protect Your Phone Screen

How to Protect Your Phone ScreenProtecting your phone screen doesn’t have to be hard, but there are certain things you need to consider. For one, you should consider getting a phone case. Other than that, getting a phone protector or a pop socket might be a good idea.

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