Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. With over 1 billion users worldwide the social media platform has changed the lives of many individuals and business groups alike. This is because Instagram offers users a free pass to an unprecedented level of exposure.

Being able to create a video or an advert to show over a million people used to cost a fortune, and its overall reception would be an educated guess at best. However, with Instagram, advertising now can potentially cost absolutely nothing. On top of the incredible cost efficiency, instead of marketing to over a million people, you could reach over a billion now.

The best part of all is the fact that Instagram promotes and encourages home-produced videos with low cost and high production value. That means anybody with a phone or a camera could make a short video or post a picture that would potentially gain global fame overnight.

With this level of exposure, the many growth services like Growthoid to get real Instagram followers, and speed of information travel, it comes as no surprise that many people and businesses have built themselves up solely through this social media platform. In fact, many of them have increased their income and revenue beyond what they thought was possible. To put it into perspective, a user with over 10,000 followers is considered an influencer. These influencers can earn up to thousands of dollars per post through endorsements and sponsorships. The top influencers earn up to 6 digits per post.


Businesses, on the other hand, are able to open up their own virtual shop on the social media platform itself. With the ability to team up with influencers and market as they see fit, many brands have grown tremendously in terms of prestige and finance through the platform. In fact, in 2020 alone, Instagram garnered over $20 billion in advertising revenue.

To build your personal brand or your business, strategic use of Instagram marketing is one of the most important ways of succeeding. Luckily, gauging your overall success on the social media platform is very easy. Your success on Instagram is directly linked to how many followers your account has. So, to help you get started, here are some ways to increase your follower count on Instagram.

Tips to increase follower count on Instagram

Have an optimized profile

Having an optimized profile is one of the first steps to increasing your follower count. An optimized profile means that you have fully updated your profile and filled in all the details both required and optional, for your profile.

This is important because it is proven that users will be more likely to engage and follow a profile that is complete and optimized as it appears to be overall more trustworthy and willing to put in the extra effort.

Optimizing your profile is fairly easy, as all you have to do is ensure that your profile has been fully filled out and you are engaging your audience.

Have an optimized profile

Use social proof

Social proof is one of the most powerful tools to gain new followers on Instagram. Through associating with the right individuals and businesses, you can boost your brand prestige very quickly. Most businesses do this through influencer or celebrity endorsements and collaborations.

By getting a user with more followers than you to promote your services, their followers will be aware of your existence, increasing the overall chances of you gaining new organic followers. However, always keep in mind that the people you choose to collaborate with must be within your niche.

For example, if you are a service that specializes in pet grooming, make sure that you collaborate with a well-known animal lover or environmentalist. By collaborating with someone outside of your field, such as sports, you might not make that big of an impact if you were to do so otherwise.



Your follower count will naturally increase through engagements. By coming out with new content, joining in discussions, and having conversations with your audience, you are humanizing your brand and showing them that you care. Doing so will ensure that your followers will see the value in your services and compel them to follow you, and is one of the best methods to find more followers for Instagram. However, engagement always comes in a pair to work.

Be consistent

The second part of the pair is consistency. The ultimate key to increasing your follower count on Instagram comes from engaging AND consistent posts. By being consistent with your activity on Instagram, you will always be relevant to your followers, and they will introduce your page to like-minded individuals, further increasing your follower count.

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7 Subtle Ways to Give Your Business The Desired Popularity

A successful business is about convincing consumers that your product or service has value and that it needs to be purchased to obtain that value. That success in turn provides the means to keep operating, pay expenses and make a profit.

Attention and awareness are gold for a business trying to grow and penetrate a new market. However, many chalk up awareness as something that happens after one does enough marketing or advertising.

And that’s where the importance of building popularity gets lost. Instead, awareness has to be cultivated. And there are seven clear ways a business can do this in merchandise management and focused marketing:

1. Awareness should be automatic

When people hear a loud noise, an unexpected yell, a bright light or similar they react and turn towards it. What’s going on? Where did that come from? What is it? People don’t think under this condition; they automatically react. Ideally, a business wants consumers to react automatically or close to it. The awareness and following reaction should just be mechanical versus a long, thought-out process.

2. The product or service is part of the consumer’s paradigm

The trick to entering a paradigm is to get the consumer to become familiar and then accepting the regular presence of a product or service. For example, everyone is familiar with Intel and computers. Why? Because the brand has become part of the desktop paradigm.

3. Disrupt the normal conditions with a positive change

People pay attention to changes that don’t fit the norm. Where the change is negative, they steer away. However, where the change is positive, it creates an opportunity for people to become very interested. For example, a new product or service that makes a regular chore or function considerably easier is a disruption. People notice it and want to tell others.

4. Create a reward for being interested

Dopamine is the chemical in the brain that gets released when we receive a reward. And our brain wants more of it all the time. So we quickly align rewards with those things that trigger and repeatedly create more dopamine. This biological driver should not be ignored; it’s often a primal driver that gets people to want or buy something even if logically they should do something else.

5. Reputation matters

Popularity can be generated quickly by a new, immediate change or huge sensation, but it doesn’t sustain when the “newness” dies down. Instead, it’s a business reputation that sustains popularity and keeps it going. Referrals, good opinions, recommendation all build and continue to spread awareness of a reputation. That continued cycle solidifies a market and customer retention over time.

6. Curiosity killed the cat

People frequently stop to look at something interesting and new. Curiosity is one of the key aspects of humanity that makes us different animals which typically run away from the unknown, not towards it. Ignoring people’s natural habit of being curious about the new is literally leaving money on the table.

7. Keeping up with the Joneses

We seek validation from our peers. And that feeling comes in the form of acknowledgment from others when we appear to achieve a level of success or accomplishment. Products and services are one way that quick acknowledgment is achieved from peers. A business using this theme frequently sees its popularity steadily go up.

Businesses can use other methods for successful merchandise management, but the seven areas above have proven to be the ones that have consistent returns. Understanding the science behind these areas gives a business far more ammunition in sales, and it’s a lot better than just building mousetraps.

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