Nearly 80% of businesses in the US already use social media marketing. By 2018, nearly 60% of all American adults used at least one social media platform. Today, more businesses are using social media to boost awareness and generate leads.

It’s not enough to start posting on social media, though. Instead, you need to boost engagement, too.

Otherwise, your posts might get lost in the crowd.

Keep reading to discover how to increase engagement on Instagram. With these tips, you can generate likes, comments, shares, and more. Then, you can attract more people to your business and start generating more leads.

Give your social media strategy a boost. Get started with these nine easy tips today.

1. Establish Your Brand

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Before you learn how to increase follower engagement on Instagram, take a moment to consider your brand. It’s important to keep your branding consistent across every marketing channel. In fact, consistency could boost revenues by up to 23%.

Consistency can help you generate more brand awareness and recognition, too. Otherwise, you could struggle to stand out from the competition. Consumers might not recognize your business among the rest.

A signature color could help you boost brand recognition by 80%.

Meanwhile, about 60% of consumers prefer shopping from familiar brands. Boosting brand recognition could help you generate leads and sales.

Establish your brand guidelines before using these tips on how to increase engagement on Instagram. Then, keep your brand consistent across every post.

2. Research Your Audience

Before you can learn how to increase engagement rate on Instagram, you’ll need to gain a better understanding of your audience. Otherwise, your audience won’t care about your content. They won’t start engaging with your posts, either.

Take a look at the accounts your ideal customers already follow on Instagram. Review the content they already love, too.

Consider sending a survey to your customers as well. You can learn more about their preferences before creating your own posts.

Try to experiment with different types of posts, too. For example, you can create Instagram Stories and Reels. When learning how to increase engagement on Instagram Stories, consider creating polls and quizzes.

You can also create video clips that feature tutorials or product demos.

Experiment with different forms of content. Then, determine what posts your followers love most. You can use what you learn to create more engaging content in the future.

3. Start Scheduling

Take a look at your Instagram account’s insights. What time of day helps you generate the most engagement? Look at the day of the week you get the most engagement, too.

Then, start scheduling your posts based on that data.

You don’t have to post every single day. In fact, you could exhaust or frustrate followers if you post too often. They might unfollow you as a result.

Instead, try to post a few times a week.

4. Tag Others

As you start posting on Instagram, consider the brands and accounts your followers already love. Then, tag those brands in your own posts. Consider tagging other local businesses, too.

Tagging other accounts can help you generate more brand awareness. Other accounts might return the favor and tag you in the future. Then, you can reach their audience of followers, helping you generate more awareness.

Your brand authority and credibility might rise as well.

As you gain more brand authority, you can stand out from the competition and start generating more awareness.

5. Improve Your Captions

If you want to learn how to increase engagement on Instagram fast, take a look at your captions. Your captions can inspire and encourage people to engage with your posts. If your captions are a little lackluster, however, people might not care.

Instead, try to add a call-to-action to a few of your captions. A strong CTA can inspire people to take action. Use a compelling verb.

Make sure your CTA is short, sweet, and concise.

As you write your captions, don’t forget to consider your branding. Keep your voice, tone, and personality consistent. Otherwise, your captions might sound awkward or ingenuine.

6. Handle Your Hashtags

Use hashtags

If you want to learn how to increase follower engagement on Instagram, you’ll need to use the right hashtags. Otherwise, people might not see your posts.

Look at the hashtags your competitors are using to generate engagement. Try to avoid using oversaturated hashtags.

Create a unique, branded hashtag for your business, too.

Make sure the hashtags you use are relevant to each post. Otherwise, consumers who look at that hashtag might not care about your content.

7. Keep Engaging

Once you start learning how to increase engagement, make sure to engage back. Respond to any comments you receive on your posts. Answer questions or ask questions of your own.

Asking questions can help you spark back-and-forth conversations with your followers.

Take the time to answer questions as well. Try to offer value to your readers. Provide them with the expert advice they can’t find anywhere else.

As people start asking questions, make a note. Start creating fresh content based on the questions people are asking. Your followers will see you have answers to their problems!

Social media trends pop up constantly. Take the time to keep up with the latest trends. Pay attention to the trends your competitors are following, too.

Then, use those trends to create fresh, relevant posts.

Make sure the trends you follow are relevant to your brand.

For example, video content is becoming more popular. Videos could account for 80% of all online traffic by 2022. You can create videos, then post them on your Instagram Stories.

You can work with a digital marketing agency to remain up-to-date with the latest trends.

9. Analyze and Optimize

Analyze and Optimize

Once you start generating engagement, take a look at your data. Which posts do your followers love most? What day and time help you produce the most engagement?

Use that data to make more informed decisions in the future.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram: 9 Tips for Staying Social

Give your brand a boost online! Learning how to increase engagement on Instagram could help you reach new customers. You can generate more brand awareness, website traffic, and more!

Searching for more tips and tricks? We can help.

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