Improve your website over time is a great way to keep up with ever-changing algorithms and giving your users the best user experience possible. This can mean improving site speed or simply adding a navigation menu. Each comes with a benefit to both you and your users.

Here are 5 simple steps you can take to improve your website.

1. Site Speed Matters

Site Speed Matters

We live in an age where we need satisfaction when it comes to page speed. The time it takes to paint the first full load of your page can matter to how long users stay on your website.

You can utilize tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to see how your website ranks when it comes to page speeds.

2. Add a Navigation Menu

A great website design never forgets the navigation menu. This applies to both web pages and mobile pages.

Keep an area where the user can easily find how to navigate your website, whether that be through a menu or search bar.

3. Focus on Readability for Content and Landing Pages

How your content and landing pages look for your readers will matter to how much they want to utilize your website. If paragraphs are big and bulky with little separation, chances are high that you’ll have low read times.

Keep paragraphs spaced out and highlight the important parts. Whether that be through highlighting, bolding, or lists.

Link to Your Other Content

Another great way to increase website traffic is to link to your other content on an article or landing page. By including internal links or a sidebar with other topics related to the one they’re reading, you’re increasing the chances of them going to a different section of your website.

A good digital marketing strategy will include going back and checking old articles that have good internal linking opportunities.

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5. Create Infographics and Images That Fit Your Content

Not everyone wants to read however and they may prefer images and infographics. Infographics add color and statistics to your content that have a separate opportunity to rank on search engines as well.

Not only do they help with search engine rankings for keywords, but they can be shared on social media platforms. This allows you to utilize the image more than once and create ranking opportunities on those platforms.

How to Improve Your Website: Key Takeaways

How to Improve Your Website Key Takeaways

Learning how to improve your website never stops. While these tips may be great today, search engines and how they rank content and pages never stop changing. Always do content audits to see where you can improve existing articles, rather than constantly relying on writing new ones.

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