In the digital age, and especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are buying online rather than physically in stores. This surge of online purchases that have been rising over the last ten years and has seen a spike in the last few months, relies heavily upon delivery services. Delivery services must be fast, fluid, and easy to use, and you must use companies that are reputable and well-reviewed. A poor delivery service will deter customers from spending money with your company again, which is a huge loss considering it was a third-party responsible and not you. You must align yourself with delivery services that are good-quality and respectable and do not irritate or irk your customers.

This page will hope to tell you how you can improve the delivery service for your company

One-Day Delivery

If you have, in the past, struggled to improve your delivery service, look no further than here. According to this information from a blog post, one-day delivery services are a fantastic way for you to improve your service and is one that many people are utilizing to their benefit. There are many delivery companies that will offer a same-day (or next-day) services. As you will likely be working closely with delivery companies, you should be entitled to one of these offers, and therefore can make your company run at maximum efficiency. Depending on the size of the order the same-day or next-day service should be completely free. If the order is relatively low in monetary value, then, of course, it should be paid. Offering free delivery on expensive orders is a great way to improve your delivery service and please your customers.


You should be very flexible in your delivery services if you want to improve them. Rigid and non-negotiable delivery services will only deter your customers from wanting to do further business with you. You should offer reasonable times and be negotiable for when the product can be delivered, rather than fixing times and dates without the permission or approval of the consumer. Your flexibility relies heavily on the flexibility of the courier you contact to deliver your parcels for you, so make sure that you find the most negotiable and reasonable courier service available.


A great way to improve your delivery service is to offer specific timing. Many delivery services will give you a huge window, for example, ‘your parcel will be delivered between five and five’. This is a massive window that can consume somebody’s entire day. Offer more specific timing or instruct your courier service to do this. Timing is crucial in providing a great service and offering open-ended time brackets is a way to deter customers from wanting to do business with you, and a great way to make them angry and resentful. Try to drill it down to a two-hour window, thereby giving your customer the freedom to spend their day the way that they want to. To be more accurate with your timing, you can download the Route4me routing app. This application will not only give your riders the best routes, but it will also state the estimated time of their arrival.

Improve Your Delivery Service


Live tracking your deliveries is a wonderful way to improve your delivery service and to please your customers. If your customers can track their delivery as the driver moves around, they will be able to ascertain when they need to arrive home. Unfortunately, as is often the case, live tracking services falter and stop working, thereby meaning the customer cannot determine how far away the delivery driver is from their home. Live tracking is very important should you want to provide a decent service, and you must make sure that the live tracking service itself is high-quality and up to date.


You should never attempt to make a profit off of delivery prices. While this may seem obvious, many businesses actually regularly do this. You should never do this, rather, be honest and forthcoming and only list the delivery price as it is quoted to you by the delivery company. If a delivery price is too high, a customer may be deterred from spending money with your company, as is often the case. Your delivery prices should be reasonable and should never be extortionate, as consumers often know when they are being swindled and are well aware of what a reasonable delivery price should be. Price your service reasonably and effectively, that way you will keep your customers loyal and not prevent them from wanting to return and spend money with your business.

Now you know several ways to improve your delivery service and provide a better quality of service. Your delivery service is crucial to the success of your company, so make sure you find the best courier possible.

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