Any entrepreneur understands that running a business is both stressful and time-consuming, and the never-ending task list can be extremely overwhelming. Even if you have a certain number of employees in your team, you may still find it difficult to get tasks completed by deadlines and oversee all the work being completed. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to think about how to streamline your business approaches to save both time and money, while also improving employeesโ€™ productivity.

Regardless of how small or large your business may be, itโ€™s essential to enforce several tactics to keep your business running like clockwork and cut out unnecessary time-wasting.

Here are just a few ideas that may come in useful

Cut down on paper usage

According to a survey in 2016, 80% of businesses claimed they were intending to go paperless. Nowadays, most businesses prefer to rely less on paper documents, and have made the transition to digitalization.

Employees can spend hours sifting through paperwork each week, which leads to reduced output in the long term. Document management solutions, on the other hand, store all the business documents on one platform, allowing employees across the company to access and share them quickly and easily. Alongside this, filing and storage of physical documents can also take up vast amounts of office space, but by switching to an all-digital workplace, you could potentially downsize and save money on rental costs.

Pay attention to meetings

While all businesses should hold regular meetings to inform staff on news and developments, taking a sensible approach to timings should be a priority on the efficiency checklist. Realistically, 10 minutes per meeting is an adequate amount of time to notify employees of key information thatโ€™s necessary for that particular day.

As a business owner, having an open-door policy is of high importance if you want to improve employee satisfaction and relationships, as it shows youโ€™re willing to listen and solve issues as and when they arise. However, do make it clear that this is only in the case of emergencies, rather than informal and non-business-related chats.


Outsourcing is one of the greatest ways for business owners to internally streamline business processes and boost efficiency. When youโ€™re working alone or with a small team of employees, every minute of the working day counts, and mundane tasks that arenโ€™t focused on generating sales or ROI can restrict the growth of the business. Finding great HR Software tools means jobs such as the hiring and retiring of employees, payroll, and time-off requests can be handled by an external third-party or managed by yourself on a single platform. This should cut down operational costs and enhance a productive internal working environment.


Do your employees spend a large proportion of their week completing regular time-consuming tasks that need to be completed on a weekly or monthly basis? If so, automation software could come in extremely useful. Instead of manual handling, automation will take care of repetitive tasks, which will free up employee time that could be spent on other aspects that need the human touch, such as sales or customer experience.

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